We are back home and everything is good!  Carla spent last Monday, the 13th, in the hospital after her vocal cord procedure and we were finally discharged Tuesday around 1:30 p.m. We went back to Bev's house and Carla had another fever :(  We gave her some Tylenol and laid low for the evening.  Wednesday we also laid low but did take Carla to Applebee's before we returned our rental car and flew home.  Thursday we went to the pediatrician and were thankfully prescribed an antibiotic. Fast forward almost a week and Carla is doing a lot better.  She hasn't had any fevers since the 14th and her cough is so much better as well. She had lost her appetite for a while (and had actually lost 2 pounds) but now that her cough is a lot better her appetite has come back strong.  This past weekend Carla was able to attend Morgan's birthday party in Helena and we spent the night with my bestie (Morgan's Mommy).  We had to wake up early and come home Sunday morning, but it was still nice to have some time to visit with friends.  Carla is happily back to school this week.  She loves school and it warms my heart to see how social and comfortable she is.  Here are some pictures from the past week or so.

Tuesday morning, getting an echo. 
Waiting for the orders to be discharged on Tuesday.

Lunch at Applebees in Renton

At the airport...

Sleeping in Thursday morning.  Mario was so happy to have his family back!

Reading (quietly to herself) Thursday afternoon at the pediatrician's office. What a big girl! 

Thursday evening, starting to feel better and getting her appetite back. 

Morgan's Birthday Party!  

Making funny faces and elk antlers.  

Carla and Morgie, being cute together :)
We are blessed.

Love, Jen

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