It's time for an update...

I keep thinking that I need to update the blog, but have had some writers block because I don't have a lot to report.  Bobby has been super busy with school and work and Carla has been busy at school as well.  I have been getting more "alone time" than I think I've had in, well, probably my whole life.  I can't say that it sucks.  The house is clean and quiet and the dog is even being low maintenance.  So, what more could a girl ask for?

We have been super proud of Carla, because she has been doing her math homework diligently and has received 100s on all  three of her spelling tests.  She is growing up so much, and I just can't believe what a big, sweet, thoughtful, little drama queen she is.  We are working on reigning in the drama :)  I find it a bit hilarious that she could be a drama queen, because Bobby and I are so laid back. But, she can get her freak out on, and all it takes is for her to convince herself that she has something to worry about. I'm hoping that our discouragement will help the matter.  Right now her drama is mainly focused on the dog.  The poor dog cannot go outside without his leash, or she is just sure he is going to vanish into thin air. She continually tells me how to care for the dog and not to let him out without his leash. She sometimes doesn't even want him to go for a ride with us in the car, because she is worried that he will jump out of the car and run away as soon as we get to where we are going. The funny thing is that at almost any time of the day, the dog is within 5 feet, if not closer to me.  So, I'm very confident that he is not going to run away.

We got the blood tests from Bobby's doctor visit in August back. It turns out that he has some pretty serious food allergies that he didn't know about.  First of all, he is very allergic to all dairy, bananas, pineapple, broccoli and brewers yeast. The doctor wanted him to stay on his very restricted diet (plus avoid the foods he is allergic to) for another 30 days.  If his symptoms aren't better they may need to do further blood work. The doctor was surprised that it wasn't a gluten or egg allergy, because he has never seen vestibular neuritis caused from a dairy or fruit allergy. But, he also said that it is certainly possible that Bobby could be the first. I am just hoping that Bobby's head issues will be solved by diet. Four years of suffering is enough, if you ask me.

Carla has her open house/parent teacher night tonight.  It should be fun and I am looking forward to letting her show me all around her classroom. Bobby has to work, but his parents are going to join me. It takes a village, right.

Love, Jen  


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