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So, I have to start this post with... What is up with dogs!!! Don't get me wrong, I love our dog, he has been a great addition to the family.  BUT, SERIOUSLY, I don't get why the dog will go outside, eat deer crap and/or anything disgusting he can get to, and then, when he has to throw up where does he go????  Directly to the carpet!   Then, after puking, he wonders why I don't want him licking my face.  Gross!

That being said, life has obviously been pretty "normal" and ordinary around here :)  Ordinary is good, but not a lot of blog fodder.  I've been trying to get little miss Carla back on a school schedule (school starts in 10 days) but it has been difficult.  That girl would stay up all night if you let her, and she is not a morning person.  We've been doing bedtime around 9:00, with lights out being closer to 9:30, because med-time is at 9:00, then brush teeth, read book, say prayers, gather up the dog, etc.  So, I've switched med-time to 8:30 and will eventually move it back to 8:00, with bath-time at 6:30.  Being a planner is easy for me.  Having my non-planner, free spirit, everything goes at a snails pace daughter follow along... not so easy.  But, I'm pretty sure God gave me Carla so that I would learn to be less task oriented.  She helps remind me to enjoy this very moment, because she is so very good at enjoying every moment.

Yesterday we went to the lake with the Kraft family to celebrate Jessica's upcoming birthday.  Carla sat down in the sand and proceeded to bury herself... She eventually had Jeff, Ryder and some little girl we don't know burying her.

She enjoyed herself thoroughly.  And she had sand EVERYWHERE... I think her bath water was actually the dirtiest it has ever been!  She wanted her head buried too, but Uncle Jeff said no.  Thank goodness.

School starts August 25th for Bobby and the 26th for Carla.  September 8th we have a cardio visit in Missoula and then October 13th we have another vocal cord procedure for Carla in Seattle.  The last procedure worked well, but it was only temporary and you can tell that Carla's voice is losing it's strength. So, in October she should be fully really for the more permanent procedure!  I have asked Children's about pushing Carla's 2 year biopsy back to December, so that Bobby will be on winter break, and they said that should not be a problem.  We are hoping for the week of December 15th.  It is a bummer that she will have to miss school, but I don't want to do it closer to Christmas when the hospital is more likely to have a skeleton crew (and the airfare is double or triple the norm).  If we do it closer to the end of the week, she will only miss a couple of days, which will be good.

Well, that's about all I have for now!

Love, Jen

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