I'm not ready....

Carla woke  up this morning, called me into her room and proclaimed... "I'm not ready for 1st Grade."  She had a bad dream about it, so we snuggled, and talked about it and I'm hoping that we will both be ready within the next 4 days, because school starts on Tuesday!!! Yikes!

Today we will go in, meet with her teacher, the new Principal  of Cascade Elementary and also the person who is in charge of 504 plans (an individualized plan for someone with a disability).  We just want to make sure everyone is on the same page before we start school.  The new Principal also wants to do a formal IEP (Individualized Education Program) for her as well, which I think is great.  Last year Carla missed an average of 12 days per quarter, due to both illness as well as appointments.  We already know she is going to miss a day in  September for her cardio appointment in Missoula, 2 days in October for her voice and probably the better part of a week in December for her heart cath.  Soooo... we need to make sure the school knows about, understands and accommodates for her needs. She also takes medicine that can upset her stomach, as well as damage her kidneys, so she has to drink lots of water and may have urgent bathroom needs.

We went to Whitefish on Wednesday so that Bobby could see a doctor a friend recommended to him. Bobby has had a very hard time for the past four years with a vertigo type experience that happens to him pretty much every day. His memory has also been affected, and it has been extremely difficult.  In the past four years he has had an MRI, seen our family doctor, an ENT, a Naturopathic doctor, an Audiologist, an eye doctor and a Chiropractor.  All of whom have no answers and pretty much tell him it's due to stress. His ear test as well as his MRI showed some pressure in his ears, but other than that nobody had any answers. The ENT had him flushing out his sinuses every day and taking massive amounts of Mucinex for about a month, but that didn't help either. At least the MRI ruled out a brain tumor, but that was about all it was good for. This journey has been extremely frustrating for Bobby and as his wife, for me as well.  It has been incredibly difficult watching him power through being miserable and try to hide it from the world. It has been debilitating and has even changed his personality and caused weight gain.  BUT, on Wednesday we MAY have found an answer!  The doctor not only knew what Bobby was talking about, but actually had the same problem himself!  He thinks it is a food allergy, most likely a gluten intolerance.  Bobby will do a blood test that will take about 3 to 4 weeks to get back.  In the mean time, he is to cut out gluten, eggs, lentils, and dairy.  If it will fix the problem, I'm pretty sure he'd eat nothing but rice cakes for the rest of his life. Hopefully he won't have to though!  After coming home, we opened up the fridge and the cupboards and found that Bobby cannot consume 95% of the food in our house.  And I, as a supporting wife, cannot eat it either. So, food is getting a little tricky around here but it's completely doable.  And for the first time in four years, we have hope that Bobby will get better.

Since our family was going to be in one of the most beautiful places on earth, we decided to stay a night. We went swimming, out to dinner and bowling!  It was a great time :)  Someday we will have to make it back to Glacier for a period of time.  We went rafting about four years ago, but other than that, I haven't explored Glacier since my teen years.  And, I'm pretty sure Bobby never has. (I know, we are bad Montanans).

Here are some pictures from our adventure :)

Swimming in the Hotel pool.  

Getting ready to bowl.

Setting up our lane.  

Her first shot at it.  
Doing a Carla dance.

Photo op!

Bobby, with his mad bowling skills ;)

The other day, being snuggle bugs :)
Love, Jen

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