Family fun!

Cody and Shelby arrived Tuesday night and so Wednesday we had a little BBQ and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Bobby took these couple of pictures with his phone. 

Here we have from top left clockwise...Mandy (Tom's GF), Jessica, myself, Jeff, Cody, Shelby and Carla

Cody & Carla's Uncle Tom
 Yesterday we decided to take Carla to the fair.  Cody and Shelby wanted to check it out too.
The kids.

Riding around..

She liked this little train.  


Yum, yum!  She looks SO PINK in this photo.  It is still amazing to me how pink she is now.
 Carla was feeling a little fearful  of heights this year - here she is facing her fears...
Getting strapped in.

Getting ready to jump!
 These two decided to head out....

They are so adorable. 
 I got a bracelet to ride along with Toot, she had been kind of fearful and not having as much fun as we had hoped....  This was way better and helped her to feel  more brave.  We'll have to take a friend with her next year so that it's more fun for her.

Taking me for a ride.

She went on this ride 3 times.  After twice I was feeling ill, so she got on with some other girls. 

Feeling brave. 

Carla found a little boy to go on this ride with.  She liked this ride so much she did it twice :)
We have enjoyed having the kids and I am  looking forward to spending my birthday with them as well as with family.

Feeling Blessed.

Love, Jen

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