This and That...

Things have been going well and life is good. I can't believe there is only one month left of summer vacation and then Carla will be starting 1st grade and Bobby will be a freshman at the University of Great Falls!  This week Cody got a promotion from teller to banker and was also accepted into The Musician's Institute in LA.  He is thinking of attending beginning in January, but hasn't made any permanent decisions.  I won't lie, it does freak me out a tiny bit to see him go off to LA, but he needs to do whatever in life makes him happy.

Cody and Shelby will be visiting this  upcoming week, so we are really excited about that!  It will be nice to have our whole family under one roof for a couple of days.  It is also fair week, so we will have to find a day to take Carla to the fair!  Last year was the first year that she was healthy enough to attend a fair and she loved it a lot.  So, we are hoping for the same results this year :)

Bobby and I were able to have a five day get away last week, and Bobby's parents watched Carla.  Our friends Chad and Melissa pretty much took Bobby and I on an adult Make a Wish vacation.  It really helped us to feel better and more like our old selves.  It is amazing how wound up a person can get after seven years of chronic stress.  Taking a few days and not having to think about med times, taking care of anyone or that ticker in my mind of things that need to be done was seriously rejuvenating.  A big THANK YOU to our friends, Chad and Melissa, we appreciate it more than you will ever know!

And, in the essence of keeping the fun going, Bobby played a pickup gig with The Alleged band in Great Falls Friday night.  I went out, saw him play and did a little dancing with friends.  There was a time when I hadn't ever missed a single gig of Bobby's (or baseball game of Cody's). Nowadays the only thing I don't miss are doctor appointments.  So, it has been a nice couple of weeks, and I feel happy :)

Bobby and I drinking wine that was bottled in 1988, the year that we met and fell in love :)  

Facetime made being away from our little Nukum a little easier, but 5 days seemed like an eternity.  

Love, Jen

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