Vocal Cord Procedure

Last September when we first learned that Carla's left vocal cord was paralyzed we opted to do nothing.  Our way of thought was that it wasn't a big deal that her voice was quiet and she had already been through SO MUCH, we just couldn't bear to put her through anything else.  But, unfortunately, what we didn't understand was that because her vocal cords could not meet together properly it was also affecting her ability to get a productive cough.  Because of her not getting a productive cough, and probably because she has to take immuno-suppressant drugs to prevent rejection, every time Carla got  a cold that involved a cough, it would develop into an infection and she would need to be on an antibiotic.  And, I think we all understand that it is really not a good thing to take too many antibiotics.  They eventually become less effective and that in itself is a big problem.  So, once the pulmonologist figured out that the reason she was getting so sick all of the time was because of her paralyzed vocal cord, we decided to move forward with this procedure.  And, after today, and realizing what an absolute breeze this procedure was, I wish we would have taken care of it months ago!!!  

We checked in to Children's at 11:15 this morning.  By 12:15 they took her back to be put under and by 12:45 we were getting paged that the procedure was finished!  We met with the ENT and he explained that the procedure went perfectly and that they would watch her in recovery and if we were comfortable with it, go ahead and release her!  We were expecting to stay the night!!  By 2:15, we were discharged!!!  I swear, that was the fastest anything she's ever had done!!  What a blessing!  

After discharge Carla wanted to visit one of our favorite old haunts, the Yummy Cafe.  The Yummy Cafe is a little Chinese food place about half a block from the Ronald McDonald House.  After being starved all morning, it was our pleasure to let her choose the place for lunch. And it was, well, Yummy!   

After lunch we realized that we now had a free evening and half a day that we were expecting to spend in the hospital!  We called up Bobby's Aunt and she said we could come for a visit.  So, we visited Auntie Punk, Tina and Dusty.  And, made a plan to go on the Duck Tour tomorrow in Seattle.  How exciting!  Now this is starting to feel more like a vacation!  Woo hoo!  

Carla says that she feels great and her voice sounds louder already. They told us that her voice won't be 100% for a couple of days, and that she may get nauseated from the anesthesia. But, she sounds louder and seemed to feel fine.  By the end of the night she was begging her cousin, Dusty, to swing her around in a circle over and over.  

I definitely think I will sleep better tonight :)   

Love, Jen

This morning, before the procedure.

After coming back from the procedure.

Rocking Oxygen saturation levels at 100.  Woo  hoo!  

Eating her second popsicle and being discharged!  

The before and after shot of Carla's vocal cords.  The one of the left is before and the one on the right is after.  As you can see, the vocal cords on the right are very much closer to each other.  

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