Seattle Adventures

I hadn't had a chance to share our adventures in Seattle, so I wanted to do that.  On Monday, June 9th, we were expecting to have to spend the night at the hospital after Carla's vocal cord procedure.  But, the procedure went so well that we were able to leave!  This gave us the whole rest of Monday as well as Tuesday to do fun stuff.  Monday evening we drove to Tacoma and had an impromptu dinner with Bobby's Auntie and cousins.  It was so nice of Auntie to welcome us with no prior notice, and we had a lovely time.  We had decided that we wanted to do the Seattle Ride the Duck tour on Tuesday (since that is something we have always wanted to do and never have had a chance to do.)  So, Auntie called up Tiff and asked if she could take Belle, Carla's cousin, the next day.  We all decided to meet at the light rail in Tukwilla and ride it to Seattle for the tour the next morning.  

Carla and Belle, waiting for the light rail.

Me, on the light rail.

Carla and Belle, checking out the view on the light rail. 
 After a short trip, we arrived in Seattle and Auntie bought us all lunch.  From there, we walked the short block to where they were giving the Duck Tours.
Carla and I, before the tour.  She was crabby because she wanted to sit by Belle, but Belle wanted to sit by an adult.  

Before the tour.

Her crabbiness was nothing a Go Go Squeeze couldn't fix. 

And, we're off!
 The Duck Tour drives you around Seattle and then into the Puget Sound.  The rigs were actually designed during WWII bring supplies and wounded from land to sea, or sea to land.
Getting ready to drive into the sound.  

Carla thought that was pretty cool!

Belle was like "What the!"  

A view from the Puget Sound

After our adventures in Seattle, we went back to Bev's house for a visit with her.  We got up Wednesday morning and headed off to the Portland area to see our son.  Cody didn't get off of work until 6:15, so we decided to take a detour in Astroia, OR.  We found a place to eat and then checked out the Oregon Film Museum.
Getting ready to order some lunch.  

Carla and I, walking the doc after lunch.  Such a cool view.  Astoria is where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.  

Bobby and Carla, on the doc. 

Lovin on her Daddy.

Carla took this picture of us at the Film Museum.  It's a little blurry, but still pretty cool :) 
Carla and Bobby outside of the Oregon Film Museum.  We had a great time and will  most definitely find some time to check out Astoria more thoroughly in the future, as well as Cannon Beach AND the Tillamook Cheese Factory!
And finally, we were able to have our family of four in the same room together again.  It is way too few and far between, but always a treat to see our boy.
Carla, loving on her big brother. 

Shelby, Carla and Cody, at dinner together.  
 We had a nice visit with Cody and Shelby, unloaded the stuff we brought Cody from home and finally crashed around 11:30.  We were up by 5:00 Thursday morning to beat traffic and make it to Seattle for Carla's Pulmonary appointment at 11:20.
Checking her lungs.  
 Carla's oxygen saturations are always through the roof at sea level.  She was running around 99 to 100% at the hospital.  Dr. Debley was very impressed with how well she was doing and said that our visits with him will become less and less necessary in the future.  We will see him again when we go back to Seattle for Carla's biopsy in November or December.  We will also be going back to Seattle in July to see the ENT who did her  vocal cord procedure and also the transplant team.  After that we will wait and see how she does and when her voice gets more breathy again, we will go back for a more "permanent" vocal cord injection.  Seems like we should just live in Seattle.

Friday, we were up early again to drive home.  The trip was LONG but Carla was such a good girl.  She is getting so big and SO grown up.  We are feeling very blessed.

Sunday we went to Helena to see my Dad for Father's Day, as well as have a puppy date for Mario with Bill and Tristan's poodles.  It was cute to see the dogs run and play together and it was so nice to be with family.

Here is a picture of Carla, as we were leaving.  She has on both of the pairs of sunglasses that Bill and Tristan gave her.  They, as well as Tristan's family, spoiled Carla and Mario with presents and treats.
Pretty cute.  
Love, Jen

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