We've been busy!!!

Following Carla's cardio appointment on the 12th was the Kindergarten field trip on the 15th.  The kids went to the Children's Museum, had pizza and watermelon at Gibson park, played for about an hour and then went for a walk around the duck pond.  We ended the day with a trip to the Charlie Russel Museum and finally Dairy Queen for ice cream sundaes.  What a long day!  The kids had a lot of fun but were all pretty tuckered out.  Unfortunately, the camera on my phone picked field trip day to decide to never work again.  After dealing with support chat, backing up and finally resetting my phone to factory settings... my camera still doesn't work.  So, now we know, it's a hardware problem, not a software problem.   But, it still doesn't work.  Oh well.  

On Monday the 19th, Carla had a blood draw and then we got to the school in time for the Bike Rodeo. This is where they teach the kids all about biking safety and then they do some riding around.  Carla had her new bike and was even kind enough to share it with her friends who didn't bring a bike.  She did some riding but I had to stay next to her, with my hand on her back, because she is still terrified of falling off of the bike. She has declared that "That thing is going to kill me!"  So, we are still working on bicycling ;)  After school we went to Helena to see my family.  My cousin, Zech and his wife Nicole were visiting from ND and so we had a little family BBQ.  I hadn't seen Zech in 10 or more years, so it was nice to visit with him as well as meet his lovely wife and spend time with family.  There really is no better feeling than spending time with family.  We are so blessed.  

Tuesday the 20th, was Play Day at school, which is basically track and field day.  They did the long jump, wheel barrel races, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and an obstacle course.  Physical stuff is always difficult for Carla.  The other kids have 5 years of physical activity on her and her body is not as fast or coordinated as the other kids.  Plus, her personality lends more towards being a thinker and an artistic type rather than an athlete.  We had a lot of fun watching :)

Wednesday we got Carla's labs back and have to make some changes.  Her med levels were low and her BNP (heart tightness) was up quite a bit.  Her heart rate has also increased a little over the last couple of months.  So, this is a little nerve wracking.  On the bright side, she has had boundless energy and is not showing any signs of heart failure.  She has been dealing with a cough since February 23rd and is on antibiotics for that.  She may have been battling a cold on blood draw day (which could affect the BNP), but I don't know.  We upped her meds and will test her again on the 2nd.  We will spending the night at Children's on the 9th (for her vocal cord procedure) and so her transplant docs will see her when we are there.  Its a little unnerving, but I know that everything will be just fine.  

On Thursday afternoon the Kindergarteners walked down to the park and planted some flowers and on Friday there was a  little carnival after school to raise money for our after school program.  So, after the carnival we walked across the street and she showed us where her flower was.  
(I told you we've been busy!)

Yesterday my family came up for a visit and it was really nice.  Zech and Nicole are leaving today, so it was nice to get a chance to see them again before they went home.  It was also nice to see my Dad,  Sue, Grandma Morgan, Andy, & Aunt Dianne.  After visiting awhile we all went out to lunch and had more fun visiting.  Bobby didn't have to work Saturday morning, so it was awesome that he got to enjoy the outing as well.  So many times he misses out on family stuff  because of work, so it was quite a treat to have him with us :)  

Here are some pictures from our adventures... 

Carla with Aunt Dianne after lunch yesterday. 

Friday, at the Xcell carnival

After winning the cupcake walk
The Carnival...

Coming down the bouncy slide. 

Jumping with her classmate.

One of the games.  She won so many prizes that Tammy and I both had our hands full!

How low can you go?

Showing us the pink flower she planted.

Carla and her flowers :)

Standing in front of all the flowers.

Playing in the sprinkler at the park.

Getting sprinkled  :)

The Kindergarten class.  This is such a great group of kids! 

Carla with one of her Besties - McKenzie. 

Running the 100 meter dash. 

The long jump

The wheel barrel races.  

The three legged race.

And they're off!

Doing the obstacle course

More of the wheel barrel race... This was very difficult for the girls.  

Here they all are, all over the ground.  I was laughing so hard.  

This Thursday is Kindergarten Graduation!!!  I can't believe how time is flying and we are just so grateful to be able to experience all of these new milestones with Carla.

Love, Jen

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