I can't believe it is the second day of May!!! Fun fact, did you know that May is actually my favorite month of the year?  Sixteen years ago Bobby and I got married in May, and some of my favorite people were born in May...  Well, now you do.

Things are going well and Carla is getting so big!  She is going to be in her first play tomorrow, so we are excited about that.  The Missoula Children's Theater is in Cascade this week helping the kids put on The Secret Garden.  They only had this week to audition and for rehearsals, so it will be neat to see what they come  up with.  Wednesday was Carla's first rehearsal.  She also practiced yesterday and today before being at the school all day tomorrow for the play.

She is also thinking that she needs to be more independent.  But, she's not quite ready so it's been a sweet transition to watch.  This week she has told me that she doesn't want me to walk her to class, but then when we get to the school door she gets all sad and she feels bad and then wants me to walk with her.  I told her that I will walk with her until she's 25 if that's what she needs me to do.  She is such a little tender heart ... And, she will undoubtedly grow up, so you can't blame me for relishing in her youth.  Her big brother was a super big tender heart when he was little too.

On another note, we put in a new basement window the other month and now we have a big problem with robins pecking at it continually!  We chase them off and they come right back!  It's super weird and annoying!

This is going to be such a busy month for us!  Friday, the 9th, is Bobby and my anniversary. Sunday is Mothers Day and we will be traveling to Missoula for Carla's heart checkup on Monday morning.  The 14th Carla has a big field trip to the Children's Museum and then the 21st is play day at school and the 29th is Kindergarten Graduation!!!  I am so excited!!  I am also excited about summertime, and warm days!

Love, Jen

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