Kindergarten Graduation!!!

Thursday was Carla's Kindergarten Graduation!!  It was such a great day and we are so proud of our big girl.  I feel like we are going to blink and it she's going to graduating 8th grade, high school and then college. It is just the coolest thing watching her grow, play and succeed alongside of her peers.

The ceremony started with presenting the PTA of Montana's Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. Which, was presented to Carla's teacher, Mrs. Stevens.  She was so sweet and humble about the award... She didn't want it taking away from the kids' shining moment.  What I thought was really cool though was that because Mrs. Stevens got the award, they had all of the students in the gym, and so when the Kindergartners walked in, the whole school was there, clapping and cheering for them.  I'm sure they felt like rock stars!  Carla was waving like a celebrity, it was adorable.

After the presentation of the award the kids did a little skit where they held up pages that spelled out We (Heart) Kindergarten.  They all had parts to remember and then passed the microphone along to the next classmate.  They also had other lines to remember and introduced themselves.  They all did such a great job remembering their lines.  After the skit, Mrs. Stevens talked about what a great group of kids they were and how she was going to miss them.  Followed by, the presentation of  diplomas.  It was super adorable and one of the many neat things about living in a small town where they do fun stuff like "Kindergarten Graduation."

After graduation we came home and introduced Mario to my Dad, Sue, Andy and Grandma Morgan. Carla's graduation presents from her Grandparents Morgan were some dog treats and toys.  It was fun watching Carla and Sue play with the puppy.  After the family left we gathered up Mario and took him to Petco  "to get some accessories," as Carla said.   We had him fit for a collar, harness and leash for walking. Carla picked out a little heart shaped tag that we had engraved with his name and our phone numbers, just in case he ever gets away from us.  (Although, he is such a good boy I don't ever see that happening.)  

Here are some pictures from Graduation :)

Love, Jen
The Class of 2026!!!

Taking the stage.

Waiting while the grown ups did some announcements. 

The PTA President presenting Mrs. Stevens with the outstanding teacher award. 

Her fellow teachers giving her accolades 

"R is for remembering everything we've learned"

Mrs. Stevens talking about what a great group of kids she had this year. We were all blessed to have her!  She is most definitely and Outstanding Teacher!!!  

Carla, with her Kindergarten diploma and door hanger from Mr. Molloy

Carla with her Grandparents

The family that watched her graduate. 

Carla and McKenzie are ready to take on 1st grade together. 

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