It's a me, Mario!


We surprised Carla with a puppy on Wednesday!  She's been wanting a pet, our kitty disappeared three years ago while Carla was in the ICU fighting for her life against the ever horrific plastic bronchitis.  It was a little bit of insult to injury and I remember just crying and crying.  I felt so bad, because we left the house in such a hurry after Carla was was choking to death, life flighted to Great Falls and then to Salt Lake.  We came home from Benefis (the hospital in Great Falls), packed in a hurry and then began our journey to Salt Lake. It was probably the worst 24 hours of our life... In our hurry to pack I remember the cat being freaked out.   I snuggled her up to try to comfort her before we left...  I didn't know it would be the last time we would see each other :(
Carla and Missy Kitty, almost exactly 1 year before she disappeared. 

She loved her kitty...
I've always been a cat person, but Bobby is a small dog person.  I  had a kitty,  Pusser, when Bobby and I got together.  And when he disappeared we got Missy.  Cody and Bobby always wanted a dog, but I pretty much put my foot down and said NO DOGS! But, Missy Kitty has been gone for three years now, and so when Carla started begging for a pet, Bobby reminded me that we have had two cats over the years and that it was his turn to get a dog.  I reluctantly agreed... fair is fair I guess...

So, we found Mario!  He is almost twelve weeks old and pretty big for a toy poodle, but he is the cutest little bundle of love!  I have to admit that I love him to pieces!!  Even though he is a dog :)  In the two short days he has been with our family he has caused more laughing and snuggling than you could imagine.  I am so happy we got a dog!

So without further ado, here's Mario!

Mr. Mario! 

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