We saw Dr. Hardy yesterday and received some good news!  After looking at the echo, he said that Carla's heart function looked good and that there was no more pulmonary hypertension.

Right before taking this picture, Carla said something pretty cool:

Dr. Hardy was listening to Carla's heart when she said, "I am lucky."  Dr. Hardy, with his ears full of stethoscope replied, "You are lucky?"  I think questioning whether he heard her right.  Carla then answered, "I am lucky because I got my heart."  "Yes you are." said the doctor.

It was a beautiful moment.  I love that she is aware of  how blessed she is to have her new heart. The perfect heart that used to be Justin's.  I received an email from Justin's Grandma and she expressed that she and her son, Justin's Dad, are comfortable with me sharing his photo on my blog.  

Justin was just 2 1/2 years old when he earned his angel wings.  His Grandma tells me that he was her first Grandson. His birthday was February 12, 2010, and that Carla received the kindest most loving heart a person could have.  They miss him tremendously and are glad to see Carla doing well.

This is Justin:
What an absolutely gorgeous little boy.  My heart aches for his family... it is  heartbreaking that he received his angel wings so early on in life.  But, through their loss, his family gave Carla a new chance at life.  And for that, we will be eternally grateful.  Fly high sweet baby angel... You are forever in our hearts, and your family in our prayers.

Love, Jen


Frontier Mom said...

Before he passed, my little brother received a donor kidney but chose not to connect with the family. I always yearned to know who they were and to thank them for their beautiful and selfless gift. I'm so glad you have had that opportunity!

Wright Family said...

I think of Justin's family often.