Our Big Girl is 7!!!

As of yesterday, our sweet girl has made it to 7!

I can't believe she is 7, yet I feel as though I have aged in dog years...how is that!?  ;)

We kicked off the birthday week with a "friend" party at the Kid Fun Zone in Great Falls. The kids had a blast and I think the party was a pretty big success.  On Monday Carla had a class picture in the morning and then we rushed off for a blood draw in Great Falls.  We don't have those results yet but I'm sure they are fine.  Tuesday was a big day because it was the first day in 3 years that Carla didn't take Sildenafil!!!  Sildenafil is a heart/lung pressure drug that was started in March of 2011, after being diagnosed with Plastic Bronchitis.  It definitely helped her heart/lung pressures and therefore lessened the amount of casts she was producing. During Carla's 3 month biopsy her pressures were still high, so they kept her on the drug (it takes the body some time to adjust to transplant).  At her 1 year biopsy Carla's pressures were great, so on January 1 we started the weaning process, and March 31 was the last day of the drug.  Woo hoo!!!  She is now down to only transplant meds and supplements.  So, she takes Cyclosporine and Cellcept every 12 hours, magnesium 3 times a day and a probiotic 1 time a day.  I can't believe it!!!  

Yesterday was Carla's actual birthday, so she brought cupcakes to school and later in the day we had Bobby's family over for dinner, cupcakes and presents.  Bobby and I went on a little shopping adventure yesterday afternoon and bought Carla a bunch of new clothes for her birthday (I know, we are SO fun, right).  She has grown like a weed in the past year and we had to give away most of her clothes.  So, now she has a few more and that is great. Carla enjoyed her day and we will be getting together with my family on Sunday to continue the celebration!  We are so grateful to our donor family and remember them especially at times like these.

I am continuing to deal with scheduling Carla's vocal cord procedure and thus far it looks like it will happen on June 9th and then on June 12th we will see the Pulmonologist.   The ENT (Dr. Inglis) wants to see Carla a month after the procedure, so we will be back in Seattle most likely on July 9th for that.  We also have to do a cardiologist appointment at Children's in July, so we are working on getting those visits coordinated.  Sometimes I think it would be easier if we just moved to Seattle.

Here are some recent pictures from this past week's adventures.  :)

Love, Jen

Last Thursday was a beautiful evening, so we went for a walk and to the park.  Carla walked the furthest she ever has in her life!  12 Blocks without being winded or tired! 
Saturday we decided it was time for a little hair makeover :)

Ta da!!!

Before her party on Sunday

Getting an airbrush tattoo 
It's a butterfly!

Getting ready to blow out her candles!

Us girls

Our little Wright family (minus one). 

Loving on her Uncle Tom

We got her a game she has been asking for for months...

She was a tiny bit excited...

NintenDogs and Cats

Opening more presents... I just love her facial expressions.  :)

With her girlfriends from school :)  

Our big 7 year old, before school :)

Carla's new clothes :)

A Princess Peach car!

Opening presents ...

Excited about a Bingo game!

Blowing out her candle :)

Feeling Blessed...

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