Normal Life...

Our life has settled into a new normal.  Carla is doing well in school, has become more of a morning  person and we have been enjoying life.  The weather has finally been a little nicer, so we are going for walks a little bit and I can't get over the stamina she has!  Yesterday we went to a birthday party.  Watching her run, play and laugh with the other kids really did my heart good.  For so long we would have had to avoid other kids like the plague.  And, when she did get around them they were running circles around her.  She is still less aggressive than most kids her age, but that might just be her personality.  We only have one and a half months of Kindergarten left!  I think we will get her into the Xcell summer program so that she has some fun stuff to do this summer with her friends. I also want her to try out swimming lessons again :)

As far as health goes, Carla is still battling the cough she picked up at the tail end of February!  She has been on a 10 day course of antibiotics followed by a 21 day course of antibiotics and still can't kick it.  Last year she coughed from the middle of March through the middle of August.  So, I'm hoping the vocal cord procedure on June 9th does the trick and that she will be able to get the phlegm out!

That's all for now!

Love, Jen

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