Easter and beyond...

We have been having a nice time recently.  Carla had a couple of days off for her Spring/Easter break, so we have enjoyed some walks, coloring eggs, playing outside, Easter egg hunts and family fun.  We are so thrilled that the weather has gotten better and are looking forward to more time outside.  On Monday we cleaned out both of the cars and then went in to town for dinner and an oil change (LOL).  While we were at the store we started looking at bikes and found one that was perfect for Carla.  Santa brought her a bike right after transplant, but she just didn't have the strength or agility to ride it.  It seemed to cause more frustration than happiness, so, she outgrew it before ever really learning to ride.  Since she is so much bigger and stronger now, we thought we would try again...  And she is really getting it!  It's still difficult, and she will need a lot of practice, but at least she is trying and it isn't so hard for her that it isn't fun.  

On Friday we dyed eggs and on Saturday we were going to walk to get the mail but it was still a little windy and chilly, so we just ended up walking to the store and buying ice cream and sponges (to make our own little SpongeBobs).  Sunday, Bobby and I did lots of cooking together, enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and then went to his folks' house for an early dinner before Bobby had to work.  

I have been thinking of our donor family a lot lately.  I wrote them a letter back in November and received an e-mail from our donor's Grandma about a month ago.  Carla's heart donor's name was Justin, and he was just the most beautiful little 2 1/2 year old boy.  I have a picture but don't feel like I can share, because it's not really mine to share.  I keep it on my phone though and he and his family are never far from my thoughts.

Carla is getting so big lately and, like I've said before, her stamina is through the roof!  While shopping on Monday I was laughing so hard because she was ahead of us, dancing through the aisles... completely oblivious to everyone else and just dancing through life.  It was awesome, and something I will remember for the rest of my life.  I wish I would have thought to record her.

Here are some pictures from our adventures...

Love, Jen

Ta Da!  

We had so much fun dying eggs that we ended up boiling another 13 to color after this :)

Sidewalk art.

Carla with her ice cream and SpongeBobs.  Here we have BlueBob, GreenBob, YellowBob and SpongeBob :)  

Finding eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in the house.  

Ready for the town Easter Egg hunt.  

Last year Carla got 1 egg during the hunt.  She wasn't fast or aggressive and afterwards she said "I'm a loser.." And felt really bad.  This year, when the bell rang, she ran to the back of the park as fast as she could and grabbed a whole bunch of eggs... She's the little pink blur in the back... 

Working her strategy... and getting lots of eggs.

Carla, super proud with Uncle Tom and Daddy.

So happy and proud.

Carla with one of her favorite classmates.

We tried something new this year... Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs.... Yum, yum, yum...  

Of course, we had to make the normal old Deviled Eggs, just in case the Bacon Cheddars weren't delicious.  

Jessica made cupcakes :)

Carla and Ryder, eating cupcakes. 

Carla with Uncle Tom and his friend, Amanda. 

Monday, riding her new Barbie bike!!

Riding her new bike :)

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