The plan thus far...

I spoke with Dr. Inglis last Friday about doing Carla's vocal cord procedure.  He said that he doesn't necessarily need to see her in clinic before doing the surgery, that he does his surgeries on Mondays and he would have his surgery scheduler get in touch with me.  Then, on Monday the sweet cardiology scheduler that I spoke with last Wednesday called to let me know that we can see Dr. Debley and Dr. Inglis on June 11th and 12th.  I asked her if that was for the surgery and she hadn't been advised about the fact that Dr. Inglis wanted to set her up for the surgery.  So, at this point we are keeping the appointment with Dr. Debley and waiting to see if Dr. Inglis can do her surgery during that same trip...  We should hear back from scheduling next week.  Things do not work fast in this business.

... Seattle Children's, teaching, patience, one hour at a time ...

This Sunday will be Carla's 7th Birthday party with her classmates. This will be her very first "friend" party and she is over joyed.  She made me promise that even if she gets sick, she could still go to her party.  So, in sickness or in health, we will be having a bouncy house tattoo party at the Kids Fun Zone on Sunday.  I can't wait :) and do promise to post pictures.

Love, Jen

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