Life is Good :)

Night before last I awoke in the middle of the night and realized it was March 12th.  March 10th had come and gone and it didn't even occur to me to think about it being the 3rd anniversary of the night Carla's plastic bronchitis almost took her from us.  That night was the single most horrific night of my life, watching my baby suffocate and not being able to do anything but hold her tired body in my arms, turn up the oxygen, start a vest treatment and wait for the paramedics to arrive. After calling the ambulance Bobby called his folks and they came over for support.  I remember Bobby's Mom saying it's ok... it's ok...  and I'm pretty sure I yelled at her as I said "This is not ok!" and to be perfectly honest, I didn't think anything was ever going to be ok again.  I had Bobby go wake up Cody, because I wanted him to be able to say goodbye to his sister.  When the ambulance FINALLY arrived they loaded her up and called for a helicopter.  (I'm not sure why they didn't send one to begin with, we told 911 she was suffocating and it took half an hour for an ambulance to get here!)  They life flighted her to Benefis, intubated her and then life flighted her to Salt Lake.   This adventure started at about 1:00 a.m. and Bobby and I were on the road to Salt Lake by 5:00. On our way there we got a phone call that they needed to take Carla for a bronchial scope and needed our permission.  Of course we authorized it.  When we finally got there one of her lungs had collapsed, her blood pressure was weak and she needed another bronchial scope.  This is when the doctors started talking about a heart transplant.   Over the next few days Carla was at deaths door... at one time the resident CICU doctor told us that we couldn't continue on this way and that it wasn't fair to Carla.  Before they took Carla for another bronchial scope, the doc let us know that she may not make it through the procedure and that we should say goodbye to her.  I remember looking at that doctor and telling her that it was God's decision whether or not Carla lived or died, but that I believed she was going to live.  I thank God so much not taking her.  Instead, he sent an angel to us.  That angel was in the form of a male nurse named Bryan.  Bryan told us that he didn't think it was time to give up on Carla just yet and if he had to bag her all night long (use a bag to breathe for her), that's what he would do.  Carla was intubated for the next month and spent her 4th birthday in the hospital.  After 9 weeks we were released from the hospital...  Six months later we had Carla evaluated at Seattle Children's and ended up changing transplant hospitals so that we could wait for her heart in Seattle, instead of Salt Lake... and after being in Seattle for 13 days shy of a year we finally got the call that Carla's perfect heart match had been found.  Flash forward one year and four months... Carla is doing better than she has been in her whole life!  She is about to turn seven and is pretty much just like the other kids her age.  Yes, she has to take medicine every day and yes, she has to travel for cardio appointments every other month, and do monthly labs. But otherwise, she is all good and we are finally able to feel like a "normal" family.  The fact that March 10th passed without us remembering is a huge sign -  Life has taken a turn for the better and we are soaking it all in.

Love, Jen

March 12, 2011... 

Bobby, Carla and our forever favorite nurse and angel, Bryan :)

Carla, this past weekend with her favorite princess, Peach.  :)  

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