Finally, some answers...

Ok, SO, Dr. Debly (the Pulmonologist (lung doctor) at Children's) gave me a call yesterday and had some very enlightening information!  After Carla's cardiologist e-mailed him on Monday he took a look at Carla's chart and realized that she had been diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal cord back in September (the last time we saw Debly was in June).  Dr. Debly explained to us that because Carla cannot clear phlegm very well what ends up happening is that it kind of just sits there and creates a bacterial infection!  This is why she ALWAYS NEEDS ANTIBIOTICS TO GET WELL if she gets a cold!!!  We understood that it was harder to clear her throat and that the paralyzed vocal cord is the reason she is so quiet.  But we didn't have that piece of information that it also causes her to have bacterial problems and can lead to a chronic bronchitis.  Oy.  So, now that we have THAT information, we are going to make another appointment with Dr. Ingls (the ENT) in Seattle hopefully on the same day as an appointment with Dr. Debly and get the ball rolling on scheduling the procedure where they plump up the paralyzed vocal cord so that the other one can push up against it better to make a louder voice and also push up against it better to produce a good cough.  The body really is a complicated machine.

Love, Jen

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