Life is getting away from me!

Wow!  I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have updated the blog.  I guess a big reason for that is just because I don't really have any "news" to report.  In general things here are good. Carla is doing well - she has only missed 1 day of school since January 2nd, and I think that may have had more to do with car sickness rather than actual sickness.  She is reading very well and I like to go to her school on Thursday afternoons to listen to her and her classmates read.  Yesterday she tried out Xcell for the first time.  Xcell is Cascade's after school program.  She wanted to go in the past but then chickened out.  So, I was expecting her to change her mind at the last minute. But, guess what?  She didn't!  When I went to pick her up she asked me to come back later and then when it was time to go she still wasn't ready to leave!  She is just getting to be such a big girl!

We had an appointment scheduled for March 5th at Children's in Seattle, but they pushed it back to the 17th.  So, we are going to go up on the 15th and will come home on the 18th.  I am looking forward to a short visit in Seattle.  I wish Bobby could come, but he has a gig, so we are flying solo!  I got a little bit of anxiety when the scheduler called and said that they aren't having clinic on the 5th and that her appointment would have to be moved to the 17th.  I think I started wigging out because this is the longest we have gone without a doctor visit since I think ever.  We haven't been to the cardiologist since December 2nd!  Yes, I am looking forward to getting a good report from the doctors.  It's nice to have a little freedom from them, but it's also nice to know that everything is alright.

The wind has been blowing like crazy around here and sometimes I think we are going to end up in Oz.  Seriously, it's ridiculous.  I am looking forward to Spring.

Love, Jen

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