February is upon us!!!

It is HEART MONTH!!!  It seems that nobody knows this except for heart families, but did you know that Heart Month is actually CHD Awareness month?  Before I had a baby with half a heart, the most significant thing about February was Valentines Day.  A day most likely made up by companies to get you to go out and spend money on flowers, cards, chocolates, etc. 

AND SO, It is my Heart Mommy responsibility to spread some CHD awareness around, in the hopes of more research and life saving procedures!!!  

Did you know that...

1 in 100 babies are born with a Congenital Heart Defect?  This makes CHDs the most common of all birth defects!  That's right folks, Congenital Heart Defects occur in almost 1% of births!!! 

Did you know that...

More children die of Congenital Heart Defects per year than all of the childhood cancers combined!!  Yeah, me either!!!  (I did know about childhood cancer before I had a heart baby though, which leads me to believe there needs to be more CHD Awareness).  

Did you know that...

An approximate 100-200 deaths are due to unrecognized heart disease in newborns each year.  


Congenital Heart Defects are as common as autism. (You don't need to have a child with autism to know about autism, do you?)

Did you now that...

Most causes of Congenital Heart Defects are unknown and only 15-20% are related to known genetic conditions. 

Congenital Heart Defects are common and deadly, yet CHD research is grossly under-funded relative to the prevalence of the disease.  That's right folks, of every dollar the government spends on medial funding, only a fraction of a penny is directed toward Congenital Heart Defect research.  AND in the last decade death rates for CHDs have declined by almost 30% due to advances made through research!

 And now I have lots of cute pictures of our Cardiac Princess to share.  

It's Sleeping Beauty :)

Before her labs the other morning.

Playing in the snow :)

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