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I probably shouldn't say anything but we have made it through most of January without a sickness! It's like a mini-miracle!  Also, since being back to school, Carla has had a lot more energy with regard to completing her work better and writing a lot more.  Her teacher even sent her a postcard in the mail saying how proud she is of her for completing her work so well!  I have to wonder if these changes have anything to do with the fact that we have decreased her sildenafil from 20 mgs to 15 mgs three times a day??? It just seems strange that she would all of a sudden enjoy school work more and quit being so lackadaisical.  I guess we will see if her energy levels increase more as we decrease the dose more and eventually (starting April 1) are off of it all together.

This past week I volunteered to be a "Listening Mom" in Carla's class on Thursday.  It's my new Thursday afternoon thing to do and Carla is pretty excited about it.  They are working on the accelerated reading program and so us Mom's come, listen to or help the kids read and then walk them through taking a comprehension test on the computer.  I remember doing this even when I was a kid.  I am happy to report that Carla is a very good reader :)  We will be having a parent teacher conference next week, so I am looking forward to hearing about how she is doing in general.  

This past Sunday we went to our friends Chad & Melissa's house to watch the playoff games.  We were all rooting for the Broncos and the Seahawks and are super excited about our two favorite teams playing in the Super Bowl!  Yay!  I grew up loving the Broncos and Carla loves the Seahawks because the cheerleaders, mascot and band (Blue Thunder) came and visited us at the Ronald McDonald House in December of 2011, after we first moved to Seattle.  The giant Seahawk scared the dickens out of Carla at first, but she was pretty excited about it a few seconds later.  Mostly she loved the cheerleaders and I LOVED the band!   Let's see if I can find some old pictures from that day...

Photo op with the Seahawk!

Directly after meeting the Seahawk

Carla with the cheerleaders and Seahawk

Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder

Carla with the Cheerleaders.  She LOVED this and they were so gracious to her.  
We enjoyed our time at the Ronald McDonald House... but couldn't stay for long because whenever Carla got sick her Plastic Bronchitis got scary bad and we were too afraid of her being on deaths door again.  

Here are some cute pictures from the past couple of days...

Carla, snuggling up Chad.  

Carla's right hand was painted blue and green (for the Seahawks) and her left hand blue and orange (for the Broncos).  
Yesterday after school we stopped over at what will eventually be the Missouri River Trout Lodge. Bobby's Uncle Len and business partners bought and are remodeling a house on the river that will eventually be a fishing lodge.  The view is spectacular and it is one one of the only "blue ribbon" trout fishing sites in the country.
Carla and Bobby fishing a little bit yesterday.
The spectacular view (pictures really don't do it justice)

Sure do love these two. 

Carla with her Great Uncle Len
Life is good, and the further we get from all of the struggles the more we are being able to enjoy it again.

Love, Jen

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