Our baby is growing up...

Yesterday we were finally able to convince Carla that pulling her tooth would be alright.  We were at my Dad's house and he used a very successful technique (that seemed to work for all of his kids too).  He patiently wrapped a string around her wiggly tooth and pulled.  It took many unsuccessful tries, but eventually the tooth came out!  Yay!  It was important to get that tooth out because her grown-up tooth actually came in behind her baby tooth.  The dentist wanted that baby out so that her other tooth can push forward.  We'll see how that turns out in the long run (I think there may be braces in her future...but that happens to the best of us).  Carla was extremely apprehensive about her tooth coming out.  She just knew that it was going to hurt and she was not ready to try pulling it until yesterday.  But, when it did finally came out she was so extremely proud!  She bounced around and just couldn't believe it.  The tooth fairy left her some change and she is excited about saving it for her pink house.  She has the house picked out and she saves all of her money so that she can buy it when she grows up.

In other news, there is not a whole lot to report.  Carla has made it through 2 weeks of school consistently (even though the first week after New Years was only 2 days).  Bobby has played a couple of gigs and I have gone out dancing to them.  Cody will be moving in to his own apartment in Beaverton, Oregon at the end of the month and he is looking to buy an electric drum set so that he can practice without disturbing his neighbors.  He is working at Wells Fargo and calls us consistently.

Yesterday the Broncos beat the Chargers in the playoffs and we are hoping to successfully cream the Patriots next week.  I painted my fingernails crush orange and so now they will have to remain crush orange until the Broncos are done with the season.  Hopefully it will be after they successfully win the Superbowl :)

Before school the other day :)

My crush orange nails, and Carla's purple and green pattern nails :)

Being super silly :)

Sitting with Great Grandma, Grandpa tying the floss and Mommy pushing the floss down around the tooth while Grandma takes a picture.  It takes a village, people :)  

Yay!  Success!!!

Bobby at his gig Saturday night (they are an 80s hair metal tribute band)  

Me, before the Metal Steel show on New Years :)

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