Heart Cath/One Year Biopsy

We had to report bright and early to Seattle Children's for Carla's heart cath/biopsy.  We arrived at 6:30 a.m. and by 8:00 they were taking her back for her procedure.  She chose bubblegum flavored gas and was out like a light.  Daddy went back with her and she was quite a trooper.  Two hours later we got the beep and went back to the surgery center to chat with the docs.  The cath doctor said that Carla's heart pressures were better than they had been in in February.  So, it was really good to hear that they look better.  When we got to visit with our transplant team they hadn't seen Carla's cath results, so they will be making a plan a little later. The biopsy results will come in tomorrow or Wednesday, so they will look at the cath, the biopsy results and the echo and then after they have their Wednesday night meeting they will call us with a plan.  Meds may change and we will also find out what the followup plan will be.  I am not nervous about any of this and am looking forward to Carla's meds coming down a little bit.  We did find out that Carla's white cell count was at 5,000, which is higher than it has been since probably her whole life.  Also, her saturation levels after the cath were hanging tough at 97-99%, which was awesome!  She has never had saturations like that!  So, woo hoo!!!

Thank you for the continued love and prayers!


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