Getting Ready for the New Year!

It is so hard to believe that 2013 is coming to an end!  It has been a year full of firsts with Carla's new heart and also firsts with our son living in another state!  All in all, 2013 has treated us well. We were able to move back home - close to our family, we made many trips to Seattle for medical reasons but were able to make the most of the trips by visiting loved ones. Carla's heart is doing well and she is healthier than she has ever been.  Cody is happy in Oregon and calls almost every day, which makes us feel blessed.  He is growing into such a nice young man and we are very proud of him and miss him very much.  

We had a really nice Christmas holiday!  On Sunday, the 22nd we celebrated Bobby and our buddy Jeff's birthdays, as well as Christmas.  On Tuesday we went to Helena and had our Christmas Eve lunch with my family and were able to make it home before the wet roads turned to ice.  We spent the last 2 Christmases in Seattle so it was extra special to be home for Christmas this year.  Carla woke up and we reminded her it was Christmas and she lit up like the little star that she is!  We called Bobby's folks and brother, and they came over to deliver presents and watch Carla open hers.  She was extra super excited to get the Pokemon X game for her 3Ds from Santa and everything else was icing on the cake.  We tried to do a smaller Christmas this year (because she has SO much stuff) but she still made out like a bandit!

We had a very nice time visiting with family and have been feeling very blessed this holiday season. Now that Carla's biopsy came back a 1R (which is normal) we only have to go to Seattle every 4th month, instead of every other month.  We will see Dr. Hardy in Missoula on the 27th of January and then make an appointment with Seattle for early April.  Missoula in June, Seattle in August, Missoula in October and then back to Seattle at the beginning of December again next year.  It's still a trip out of town for cardio every other month, but only 3 trips to Seattle in 2014.  Considering we've made 5 trips to Seattle since March, this is pretty scaled back!  Also, labs only once a month is nice too!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers for Carla's good health.  We appreciate it more than you will ever know!

Love, Jen

Here are some photos from the Christmas festivities :)

Before her Christmas program on the 12th of December

Carla and Ryder celebrating :)

The Krafts got Carla a sit and spin.  She loves it!

With Jessica :)

Christmas at my Dad & Sue's house.  

Carla's Uncle Bill & Aunt Tristan, sorry this is blurry  

Carla's Uncle Andy :)

New jammies!

Thank you Grandma Sue, I love you!

Christmas morning.  Christmas exploded all over our house but we were busy watching a movie and Carla snuggling up her Uncle Tom.  We really missed Cody on Christmas morning. 

You can't tell these two are related, can you?

I love you Uncle Tom!

Carla and her Christmas morning loot :)

Carla took this picture, she's our little budding photographer :)
In 2014 it is my resolution to actually use my camera, instead of my cell phone for pictures.  It takes much better pictures and is therefore worth dragging around! :)

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