Busy busy...

Since returning home from Seattle we have been busy little bees!  Carla had her Christmas program last Thursday and I have to say, I am so excited that she is only in Kindergarten so that I can sit through at least 6 more of these absolutely adorable elementary programs!!!  I LOVED IT!!!

I wanted to post a video, but I have a hard time getting Blogger to upload videos that are not also on You Tube, so it wouldn't work.  

Our little Christmas Princess before her program on Thursday.
 After the program there was a little pie social... Carla was exhausted!
Seriously Mom, it's past my bedtime!

While we were getting ready to leave Santa showed up.  Carla was a little bit terrified, but she was ok so long as Papa stood in between her and the Jolly Old Elf.  
Friday was my work Christmas party and then Bobby had a gig.  Saturday was my Grandma Morgan's 90th Birthday party and so Carla and I headed off to Helena (Bobby had to work all day) But Carla and I got to see tons and tons of family, some of which I hadn't seen in over 13 years! She got to meet some of her cousins and we had a great time. We are so incredibly blessed to have such an absolutely AMAZING and awesome family.  Grandma, you did good.  Here are some fun pictures from the party. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the other pictures that were taken.

Grandma with all 6 of her children.

Grandma with cousin Rina and Aunty Jeannette 

Carla dancing with her cousins Dean and Madison

My Dad & cousin Julian lighting 90 candles!!!

Rina and Uncle Bill

Singing Happy Birthday!!

All the littles getting ready to help Grandma blow out the candles.  

Nope, we didn't need a fire extinguisher :)

Rina & Bethany along with a blurry cousin Julian and his Mom Aunty Dianne.  

The little girls picking the wax off the cake :)  

Grandma and her lovely cake. I think they said Grandma was 20 in the picture on the cake. 

Cousin bonding :)
Carla, snuggling up with Aunt Jennifer and showing off her newest tooth.  
We stayed in Helena through Monday and so Bobby was able to come up on Sunday and visit the family.  We all had such a fun time.  Unfortunately not only the love was shared, as most of us ended up sicker than dogs by Monday!  I'm pretty sure the restaurant was contaminated, but that's just my theory.

Today is Bobby's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!  We will celebrate on Sunday with our traditional tempura fry at his parents house.  Hopefully by then we will all be healthy again.

We decorated for Christmas the other weekend and so I also wanted to include this picture of Carla with the tree :)  She is such a little sweetie pie and we had such a fun time decorating as a family :)

We are truly blessed.

Last year on this day we were one day away from exiting the hospital...

Love, Jen

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