As I lay here in bed, snuggling my favorite daughter, I feel so incredibly blessed.  Thinking about this day last year and how uncertain things were... Carla's lungs were filling up with blood, her brain had swelled and her mental status was not the best.  She couldn't talk, use the ipad, drink or eat.  The day previously she had extubated herself and the docs were getting ready to take her to the cath lab to see if they could find and coil off some bleeding vessels that were leaking into her lungs.  This year Carla and I will be visiting with Bev (one of our most favorite people), taking a trip to Children's to pick up some meds, and later on driving to Puyallup to spend the night with Jenny and Morgan.  It should be a very nice day :)  We are missing Bobby, but he will fly in Sunday and then we will drive to Portland to see Cody (Yay!).  Monday is the big 1 year heart cath/biopsy.  We are set to be the first case, which is awesome because that means we just get up really early, check in to the hospital by 6:30, heart cath at 8:00 and out of there in the afternoon.  If the cath was later she would have to be starved down for more hours, and that's never nice (although Carla doesn't seem to mind not eating... something that worries me at times).  

Last Sunday was our Thanksgiving, as well as Tammy's birthday.  I made a turkey dinner and the Krafts came, brought food too and we were all merry together.  It wasn't the same without Cody and Thomas, but it was still a nice time.  Yesterday Bobby had to work, Tom stayed in Bozeman and Cody in Portland.  Carla and I flew from Great Falls to Seattle, rented a car and then went to Bobby's Auntie's house to celebrate with family.  Carla played, fought and played some more with her cousins Belle and Kristen.  It did my heart good :)  and it was so nice to see the family.  Later we drove to Renton to spend the night with Beverly.  Carla was asleep when we got here and I stayed up until 12:30 visiting with Bev before she had to go and work the black Friday adventures at Target.  I am looking forward to hearing her tales of black Friday madness.  

I will keep everyone posted.  Please pray that everything goes well on Monday and that we can fly home Wednesday as planned :)  

Love, Jen

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