Oh what a difference a year makes! Happy Halloween!!!

Oh what a difference a year makes... here is a picture of Carla last year after about an hour of trick or treating with her school at the Hutch Hospital.  She was BEAT!

After trick or treating last year.
This year we carved pumpkins on Monday.  Carla wanted Princess Peach and Mario pumpkins, so that is what we did.  
Cleaning out the guts...

Princess Peach
It's me, Mario!
Unfortunately, by the time Halloween came, our pumpkins were rotten.  What the heck!  Next year we will make sure and soak them in bleach water to kill the bacteria.  

Halloween day Carla looked so cute before school that I just HAD to take a couple of pictures of her! Here they are... she is such a little ham.  

This one is my favorite.  
After school it was time to get ready for the PTA Halloween party!!!  Carla went as Ariel from the Little Mermaid. :)  Here she is hamming it up for Mommy before we left.  

Here she is playing a game at the party.  
 After the party we took her trick or treating...

That darn wig was making me crazy all night!  It just refused to stay put!  

Getting treats from the volunteer fire department.

After trick or treating we came home to hand out candy.  Every time we heard a knock at the door Carla would jump up and RUN to the door to hand out the candy.  It did my heart good to see her with so much energy!  We let her eat lots of candy (probably more than she ever has) and stay up a little late... She had a ball.  We couldn't be more blessed.  And, oh what a difference a year makes!  
Our little cute Toot with her loot :)  
Love, Jen

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