This blog is getting away from me!

I had forgot to post pictures from my Dad's gig in Helena last Friday night!  Carla danced the night away and at the end told me "My feet hurt, but they just wouldn't stop dancing!"   Here are some pictures from that great night.
Dancing with Baby Ryder.

Strike a pose!
Dancing with Baby Ryder and Jessica :)

Dancing some more.

Andy and Grandma Morgan 
Making new friends.
Let's hug it out :)

Getting twirled around, she was really enjoying herself :)

Telling Grandpa all about her sore feet.  

Carla and I both got sick last Saturday, I can't say I was too surprised considering there was a little girl coughing her head off one seat ahead of us on the way to Seattle.  I was hoping we wouldn't get sick, but we did.  Carla stayed home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but was able to go to school on Thursday and had a good day.   Friday was the only day that Kindergarten participated in Homecoming week, and they were to wear black and gold.  Here's a picture of Carla before school.

And then we went downstairs and took this one in front of the green screen, so that I could play around with it.  It is at this time that I realized, Carla is the class of 2026.  What!

Friday was a fun day at school.  They had lunch on the football field and I'm pretty sure fun was had by all. To top off a pretty great day, at 3:30 we had the Homecoming parade!  Carla's Great Uncle Rich drove his old Model T in the parade, and Carla got to ride along!  It was like a little piece of Heaven for her....

Before the parade.  

Blowing Kisses...

I think this is adorable.  

She is having the time of her life...
After the parade was the pancake supper to support our local volunteer fire department...

Heading off to the pancake supper with her Gramma & Papa :)

Daddy had to go to work, but at least we all got to have pancakes together.  
Carla is still fighting her cold a bit, but we are so incredibly thankful for how well she is doing in general.  I can't help but be amazed by her pink-ness and it gives me a peace of mind I haven't had in years.  We are so incredibly grateful for this chance at life she is finally able to enjoy!!!  With every passing day Carla gets stronger and has more energy.  She is growing like a weed and it's hard to believe she is the same child!  We are so blessed.

Love, Jen

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