ENT Specialist

Tuesday we had an appointment with an ENT Specialist in Seattle.  Carla and I left on Saturday and arrived in Seattle around 8:00 a.m.  Beverly picked us up and we had to take her to work around noon.  After that, we went and visited Aunt Punky.  Cousin Tiffini and her darling daughter, Belle, were there, so we had the opportunity to visit them too.  Carla and Belle are so funny and cute to watch, because they have (I think) equal amounts of stubborn running through their veins.  They would play well together for a while, get into an altercation, have a talking to, and then be good friends again.  Super cute to watch.  I just wish these two would have more time together.

Later in the day we made our way over to Puyallup, to visit my bestie and her family.  Carla and Morgan always get along so well, and even though Morgan is 4 years older than Carla, she is really sweet to her.  Later on we picked Bev up at work and made our way back to her house for visiting and beddy by boe time.

Sunday Beverly took Carla and I to Chuck E. Cheese for some games and then later to Red Robin for food. Chuck E. Cheese has THE WORST food of all time (but Carla had a fun time playing).  Sunday evening Cody and Shelby arrived at Bev's house to surprise Carla and spend a couple of days with us.  It was so nice to see the kids and to have both of mine under the same roof.  Bobby wished he could have been there too.  Monday after Bev went to work Cody, Shelby, Carla and I went to the Seattle Aquarium and then to the University Village just to kill some time.  We finally ended up at Applebees for a late lunch.  The kids (Code & Shelb) tried to hit the Supermall, but it was closing up for the day by the time they arrived.

Tuesday it was off to the ENT for Carla and I.  The verdict on Carla is that her left vocal cord has been paralyzed.  The nerve that leads to the vocal cords runs down by the Aorta, so this is fairly common with heart surgeries.  I think it is pretty amazing it never happened sooner.  But, have to admit it was like a kick to the gut to hear that there is no "fixing" it.  They can do a procedure in which they plump up the paralyzed vocal cord, to make it easier for the right one to bounce off of, but it would require two procedures in about a months time and  then would only last 2 to 3 years.  At this point in her life, we are not looking to subject Carla to extra procedures.  So, if her quiet voice, breathiness while she talks and proneness to coughing becomes a problem for her in the future, we can revisit the possibility of doing these procedures.  If no one has ever explained the vocal cords to you (which no one had me) when you are talking, they close up and keep air from escaping.   Because Carla's left vocal cord doesn't move, the left and right don't come together, creating a hole that air can escape out of.  This hole is also why she can't produce a very effective cough, therefore ending up with ongoing coughing issues.

Today is Friday, and yesterday while at school Carla fell off of some equipment at the school and ended up landing on her face :(  She had a bloody nose and scratches on her face and knees, but she said she was going to try that equipment again, because she know she can do it.  Our little warrior.

I have started to talk to Carla more about her donor, what a gift organ transplants are as well as how strong she is for having endured everything she has in her life.  The idea of life and death to Carla's 6 year old mind is still difficult to wrap her mind around, so she is just starting to "get" that her heart came from another child, who died.  She is sad for the child that died, and thought at first it was her fault.  I explained that the child would have died anyway and that his or her parents decided to let their child live on by donating his or her organs to help her and others live.   We are so grateful to this family, and for her new perfect and strong heart.

Love, Jen
Carla and Morgan :)

Playing games at Chuck E. Cheese 

At Chuck E. Cheese. 

Carla & Cody at the Aquarium :)

I'm a Jellyfish!  

A seal

Carla looking at an Otter  

Carla the mermaid!

At Seattle Children's Hospital 

My Babies :)

Shelby, Carla & Cody :)  

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