Ear Infection...

After a week long battle of the mystery cold, Carla was diagnosed with an ear infection yesterday and has started antibiotics.  I am so thankful we can do something to help her . Poor baby :(  She is generally pretty good spirited, but has been so tired and cranky this past week.  When she complained that her ear hurt night before last I was wondering if that could be the culprit.  We sent her to school, because is was her special treat day (her day to bring snacks and she was really excited about it) but let her teacher know to call us if she complained of an ear ache.  She did and I got her to the doctor.  I am so incredibly grateful that Carla's pediatrician is so awesome!  When I call the Great Falls Clinic they say "Bring her in right now"  and then they make room and time for us.  For all the hard things that we have to deal with,  the clinic makes life just a touch easier (and more bearable), for that I am so grateful!  I have decided to let Carla sleep in this morning and then work on the school work her teacher gave me here at home.  That way she can have one more day to recover before having all the demands of school.

On another note:  Yesterday was the first day of jacket season, AND I switched my thermostat from AC to HEAT this morning.  I do love the fall :)  Not too keen on his neighbor the bitter cold winter, but I do love the fall :)

In other, other news:  I finally set up my green screen again!  We took it down when Carla and I went off to Seattle, and I haven't really had the umph for lack of better words, to get back into my hobby.  But, the other day I set it back up and Carla wanted me to take her picture.  Here is what we came up with:

She is such a ham... even when she is sick and in her pajamas :)  She sat on my lap and picked her background, font, etc.  Sure do love this little toot.

Here are some other pictures from our past week adventures.

We went to dinner with our friends, the Engan's last Monday night.  Chad took this picture with his phone :)  

Carla, pretty serious about her pile of noodles...

Being snuggly and cute on my lap the other day.  

On my lap again, yesterday.

Feeling a little feverish.  Poor little Nukum :(  
Here's to feeling much better!

Love, Jen

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Angee and Thom said...

Oh my Gosh she is growing up so FAST!!! So beautiful. Kick that bugs booty Carla!