Down with a sickness...

Tuesday when I picked Carla up from school she was crying and had a fever.  I brought her home, put her in bed, took her temp (101.4) and heart rate (172) and then called Seattle Children's Hospital.  They recommended getting her to the pediatrician.  We called Dr. Maynard's office and they said to bring her in right away.  They are always so good to us!  The doctor couldn't find any real "cause" for the fever so sent us for some lab work.  Luckily there there has been no sign of a bacterial infection of the blood (which would have required a hospital stay) so we figured it was just part of a virus.  Seattle Children's called me on Wednesday and said that her white blood cell count was 2.3 and they like it around 3.  So, they reduced her Cellcept (which suppresses the white cells).  We will do labs again Monday morning and go from there. Wednesday Carla had a hard time battling a fever.  We are not supposed to give her ibuprofen, because it is hard on the kidneys, but we had to give her some, because Tylenol was not doing the trick.  And, this has always been a problem with Carla.  I'm pretty sure all the surgeries, and using Tylenol as one of her pain control meds has made her body less likely to react to it.  Bummer. Yesterday was another day in bed and today she is still coughing but at least asked for food and doesn't have a fever.  So, hopefully this will be the day she starts feeling more like a human.  At least there is some improvement!

I am really looking forward to Carla's 1 year biopsy, so that we can lower her "target rates" and give her body more of a fighting chance with these colds.  Until then I have a feeling we will be spending  a lot of days in bed. :(

Love, Jen

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