Doing Well

Carla has been doing well since she started her antibiotics.  The nurse also called last Friday and they are going to start her on iron (because she was running low and very pale and tired), increase her cyclosporine (because her levels were low), take her off the dapsone (a med that prevents pneumonia but could contribute to low white cell counts) and they had previously lowered her cellcept, which is one of her rejection meds that can also contribute to lower white cell counts.  We will have her blood drawn on the 4th to see how these med changes are working out and we go back to Children's next Wednesday (the 2nd)  for a cardiologist visit.  Whew!  And, while we are at Children's we can hit the free flu shot clinic!  Yay!

All in all, things are good.  Not a lot to report :)  

I guess no news is good news!

Love, Jen

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