We took Carla to the State Fair last Wednesday!!  It felt so good to let her be a kid, and to not have to worry about it!  She enjoyed herself so much... her laughter and smiles filled our hearts with joy.  I also had a birthday this past weekend.  I'm pretty sure 38 is going to be my best year yet! And on that note, it is time to start living my life, instead of letting life live me.  Of course, this starts with a workout plan and better eating habits.  But, I am so ready for a change.  These past couple of years have taken a tole on both Bobby and I and we are ready to take our lives back!  In other milestone news, Carla ate her whole turkey sandwich at Subway today!  I love it when I don't have to beg her to eat! She is up to 41.2 pounds and is getting so strong!  School starts in  two and a half weeks and I can't wait to see how much she grows and changes in the coming year! Coming up this month we have an appointment with a Pulmonologist in Great Falls, a Cardio appointment in Missoula and on September 3rd we are going back to Seattle to meet with a vocal specialist, in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the never ending cough Carla has to fight so hard with whenever she catches a cold.   We have to go back to Seattle at the end of September for her transplant visit and then the next time in Sea Town will be in November for her one year Biopsy!!!  I can't believe how this year has flown by!  I can't believe how big my girl has gotten and how well she is doing!  We are holding off on buying school clothes for another week or two, just because she seems to be growing SO MUCH every day!  Now, if we can make the transition from her sleeping in our bed, to her sleeping in hers... that would be a great milestone!  She keeps telling us that she is not ready, but we are going to have to rip that band aid off soon.  We had her sleeping with us because of her Plastic Bronchitis and being able to be there for her if she needed to hack up casts in the night, or puke up phlegm, or because she suffocated and almost died in March of 2011.  But, she has gotten so healthy now that there really is no more need to have her so close (although, I do wake up and just take in the fact that she is breathing so well sometimes).  When it finally does happen, it will be a milestone for mommy too...

Love, Jen

I forgot to mention we took Carla fishing for the first time :) 

The first ride at the fair.

Racing down the slide together, we were cooking!

On the Monster Truck ride.

Thumbs up!

She really enjoyed this ride :)

Jumping high into the air!  She got off and said "That was awesome!!"  our little dare devil...

She LOVED this ride so much!!  

Look at that excitement on her face. 

Choo choo!

Last ride of the day :)  

Giant Corn dog!!!  :)  

This one is just because... my Mom's favorite flower was the sunflower.  I found a sunflower on the side of the road years ago, plucked it up and planted it at home.  It keeps coming back and I love it.  This butterfly loved it the other day too.  

Us girls, snuggled up :)

Today at Subway :)

She ate her WHOLE SANDWICH!!


Sonnie said...

Did you ever think that maybe the cough could be allergy related? I have several food allergies and environmental allergies and once that was under control the coughing has stopped, unless I happen to get into something.

Wright Family said...

Yes, that is a possibility.