First day of school!

Today was Carla's first day of Kindergarten at Cascade Elementary School!  She started Kindergarten at the Hutch school in Seattle last year, and then polished off the year at Cascade, but because she missed SO MUCH school with her heart transplant, she is starting fresh this year!  And oh was a difference one year has made!  Last year when we met her bus at the Ronald McDonald House, we found her like this...

Totally Exhausted!

This is how she looked before school last year ...

 This is how she looked this morning...

She is our little sassafras!  Yesterday when we got her hair cut the hairdresser sold us some pink and blue chalk to put in her hair, for extra flair.  Carla LOVES IT!  I took it a little easy with the color, but she was pretty pleased about it anyway.

When we picked her up today at 3:30, she was still full of energy and had had a great day.  Not tired, not grouchy, not over stimulated and exhausted.  She is actually interested in joining the after school group so she can stay at school longer!  Oh what a difference a year has made, and oh what a difference even 3 months has made.  It's probably also helpful that her Kindergarten class is only 15 kids this year, instead of 24 (and mostly boys) like last year.  Her teacher is still fabulous and our only real complaint is that the school doesn't push hand sanitizing more.

We are feeling extremely blessed and are looking forward to the future.  In November, if she has a great biopsy (which I'm sure she will) Carla's immuno-suppressant drugs will come down a bit more and we will have less worry about her getting super sick all of the time.  Also, next Tuesday she will see a specialist in Seattle and maybe they can give us some kind of news about her phlegmy cough that comes along sometimes for no reason at all.  It seems to be the general consensus that she has some upper airway damage, but we will see what the specialist thinks.  And, if we can do anything to make it better.  

But today... Today we will just celebrate the success of today!  We are so extremely blessed!

Love, Jen

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