Cascade Fun Days!

Saturday was a fun day!  The rodeo was going on just outside of Cascade and therefore the town also had their "Fun Days" as well as a kids rodeo.  The bed races started at 12:00 with the kids rodeo to follow.  Carla's Great Aunt Denise was participating in the bed races and so let Carla ride around on the bed both before and after the race.  Later, during the parade they also let Carla on and she waived like a little princess.  The kids Rodeo was a whopping $5.00 and the kids could get their faces painted, play games, use super soakers, ride a pretend bull, rope pretend cows, jump around in the bouncy house as well as other fun stuff. We spent 3 hours letting Carla play!  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves so much!  It is times like this I feel so fortunate to live in such a small community.  

It is times such as these that I am reminded of how far we have come and how blessed we truly are.  

Getting ready for the bed races!

Riding around :)  

All excited after riding the bed.  

Carla and her Great Aunt Denise :)

Getting her face painted

Pink hearts...

Purple hearts...

She loved her painted face. 

Jumping in the bouncy house.

Learning how to rope



After getting soaked (by Mommy) with the super soaker.

Ride em cowgirl!
She had so much fun and these boys running this ride were so sweet and delicate with Carla.  We appreciated it very much :)    

Squirting people.  

Running around in a blow up hamster wheel.

Soaking Darby :)

Coming after her Grandma Tammy  :)
On Monday we had an appointment with another Pulmonologist, Dr. Eichart, who travels from Seattle to Great Falls a couple of times a year.  He agreed that Carla's lungs sound good and that her phlegmy throat was more than likely an upper airway issue.  He thought that seeing Dr. Englis in Seattle on September 3rd was a terrific plan and told us we can put away The Vest and maybe only drag it out if Carla gets sick and her lungs are congested.  :) This was music to her ears, as she is not a fan of The Vest.

I hope you are all happy and well!

Love, Jen  

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