Cardio update and some good old Montana adventures :)

We have been spending a lot of time adventuring around and enjoying the state we live in!  This past weekend we had to go to Missoula for Carla's cardio appointment Monday morning.  So, we took the 3 hour drive Sunday and were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House that is pretty much located in the doctor's parking lot.  It's so convenient!  Dr. Hardy took a look at Carla's echo and remarked that she has beautiful heart function and that her heart itself looks terrific.  That's always good to hear!  After the doctor appointment we got some lunch and then made our way over to Missoula's water park!  We had never taken Carla to a water park so it was terrific for her (and us). The air quality started to get horrible (because of fires) and so we went back to the RMH, cleaned our room, packed up and started on our way home.  On the way home from Missoula we decided to take a detour to check out a ghost town that is 11 miles off the beaten path.  It was really neat and we had so much fun exploring!  We finally made it home by 11:00 and slept like babies!  Tuesday was a day of yard and house work.  Bobby mowed while Carla and I pulled weeds and played in the water.  After that Bobby did some weed eating and ran to the dump while I did some housework.  It was a productive day :)  Yesterday we got up bright and early and made our way to Helena.  It was our dear friend Jessica's birthday, so we all pitched in, rented a jet ski and made our way to Black Sandy beach for a day of fun in the sun!  We all took turns riding around and had a blast.  After dropping off the jet ski Bobby, Carla and I polished the night off with Suds Hut chicken and made our way home.  Bobby & I are looking like lobsters... Carla is not (I guess we are better at taking care of her than we are at taking care of ourselves!).

Here's to more happy days :)

Love, Jen

At Hauser Dam a couple of weekends ago :)

At Hauser Dam a couple of weekends ago.

At Red Robin Sunday night :)  Carla loves her strawberry milkshakes.  

Two of my favorite people :)

Monday night, the fires by Missoula made the sun really red. 

The view from a scenic turnout on the way to the ghost town of Garnet, MT

Carla and I at the scenic turnout. 

The ghost town of Garnet, MT  (VERY COOL!)

Bobby, standing by the jail.

We thought it was really neat that this wheel had been next to the tree so long that the tree actually grew around it!


In the blacksmith's shop

The giant bellow used in the blacksmith's shop

Carla and I outside of the blacksmith's shop

Carla, in one of the more well to do homes. 

This was taken in the honeymoon cabin.  When a couple got married they could live here for free until they got their own cabin built, or until someone else got married.  

In the honeymoon cabin

Welcome to Garnet, MT

Fun at the lake!

Bobby and Jeff, taking Carla on her maiden voyage.  

Carla with her toes in the water. 

Visiting with Daddy, by the doc. 

Jeff & Ryder.

Bobby :)  

Coming back from a trip around the lake by myself.  It was pretty fun :)

Carla and Daddy, going for another ride. 

The Krafts, on Ryder's maiden voyage. 

Rock on!

The beautiful sunset as we left Helena.  If you look, you can see the Sleeping Giant.  

Carla, charming her Daddy at Suds Hut.

These two are adorable. 

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