Life has been moving along and I can't believe the summer is half over...  Last week was the hottest week of the year so far... And, our central air went out!  Yikes!  Most people in MT don't have central air because it is only hot for 3 months of the year.  Before we built our house we lived in a house without air and I tell you what... for the month of July we would pretty much lay around under a fan, sweating and hating life.  So, when we built our house we opted for central air.  A decision that the last 10 or so days without it reconfirmed was a sound investment.  I felt a little silly, but I ended up blanketing the windows... we have a portable AC unit that we have for the bonus room (over the garage) because it gets pretty warm up there.  We drug the portable unit down and spent as much time as possible standing in front of it... that was pretty much the only cool place in the house.  After hours upon hours, Bobby and his Dad we able to figure out how to fix the problems and we are not back in business.  I can't thank my Father in law enough for the time he spent working on this project!
The blanketed window & AC unit.  
 Last Saturday Bobby's band, Metal Steel, played at the Wounded Warriors benefit in Helena.  We had so much fun and it really had me feeling like "my old self"  I miss her and hope she comes back again soon.
Bobby on bass, Gunner on guitar and Jim on the drums.  Metal Steel is an 80s tribute band, so they dress the part and bring the show.  It is incredibly fun!
Earlier in the night, with Jessica & Ryder!  Jeff, Jess & Ryder have moved back to MT this week!  I am looking forward to many fun times with them :)
My bestie came out too!  Here we are, also earlier in the day.  

Towards the end of the night... the crowd was wild and so was the band!

I'm so proud of my baby.

Sunday morning at my folks' house.  Carla is playing with her bubble gun, eating a Popsicle and also was running through the sprinkler.  

Her bag held her sunscreen :)

Yesterday I made homemade pizza.  Carla LOVES the olives!  And so, like all kids who love olives... there is no better way to eat them!  

She was pretty proud of herself :)  
Now, I've got to get going.  Carla needs a bath and then I think we will walk up to the park and play for awhile.  The weather seems bearable :)  (I know, I'm such a baby... maybe I got used to Seattle's comfortable climate).  

Love, Jen

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