Happy 4th!!

We had such an amazing day yesterday! Bobby's folks came over for burgers and festivities, this was the first year that Carla got to pick out and help light her own fireworks and it made the day that much more fun.  She had been waiting anxiously for the 4th to come so, finally, around 8:45 it was starting to get dark enough to start the fun!    It was a tiny bit bit bitter sweet, because it was our first 4th without our other "baby" ... He's almost 20 and spent the time in Oregon, with Shelby's family.  He tells me that "This is all part of it."  I suppose he is right, but we still missed having him here with us, and couldn't help but think about 4th of Julys past.  I don't know if we thought about it when we built our house, but we have the most amazing view of the town firework display!  We just pull up a seat on our porch and enjoy the show!  It's pretty awesome! Here are some pictures of our Independence Day...

Carla, with her firework stash!
One of the first fireworks...
With her punk and excited!
Say Cheese!

Lighting a smoke bomb with Daddy

She loved these!

Her first sparkler.  Carla's not fond of loud noises, but got a little more relaxed as the night wore on. 

Snuggling up my girl!

Doing a sparkler with Grandma!

Now she is getting the hang of it!

Watching the show with Papa

The Cascade Lions Club and Volunteer Fire Department put on a beautiful show!  We are so blessed to have such a great seat for it!

After the festivities we all  came inside to say our goodbyes, clean up a little bit and Bobby wanted his parents to hear a song he recorded the bass line for the other week.  With the stereo blasting, Carla quickly conked out on the couch.  She NEVER does that... She had a long and fun day!  Now I have to go wake her up and give her meds... Wish me luck!

Happy 5th of July!!!

Love, Jen

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