Busy busy!

We have been busy with birthdays, Kindercamp and swimming!  I was finally able to get to the pool with Carla on Sunday and she had a blast!  I wished so much that I had a camera in my eyes, because that would have been a moment to capture!  She had on a smile from ear to ear! We swam for about 2 hours and afterwards she was completely beat!  Monday morning she started Kindercamp, so that she could get to know some friends that are going to be in her class next year, and she really seems to like it.  Today is supposed to be her last day but of course she woke up with a cough and runny nose.  I'm not sure if it is allergies or if it is a cold, but she is not feeling great.  We will be back on the vest treatments to try and make sure that doesn't settle in her lungs - she had FINALLY gotten over the cough that she had been battling since the end of March!

Tuesday was Cody's 20th birthday!  It's hard to believe he is 20!  That's so crazy!  It wasn't so long ago he was toddling around being adorable, after that our little buddy, and finally, our stinky teenager.  Now ... well now he's turning into a fine young man.  He calls just to check in, get advise, or just see what we are up to.  He is wise beyond his years, makes us very proud and we love him so very much!

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday!  So, we went to Helena, feasted on ribs that Sue had cooked all day and had a nice time visiting.  We always enjoy a good family get together :) We are so blessed to have such a great family.  And as far as Dad's go, I couldn't' have gotten a better one!

This weekend Bobby's band is playing at the Wounded Warriors benefit at the fairgrounds in Helena.  I am looking forward to having a great time supporting our troops!  Our other friends from Mable's Rage play around 7:00 and Metal Steel starts around 9:30.  I am hoping that Carla will be able to watch the bands (and dance)!  But, we will see, she might just want to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa Morgan.  We'll just go with the flow and see in which direction the night takes us :)

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days...

Love, Jen

Carla, Sunday night with her baby, Belle.  Belle just had open heart surgery because she was born with HLHS.  Carla was tending to her needs.  The comb text to Bell was what Carla used as all her cords.  

I took Carla swimming again on Tuesday.  She zonked out around 7:00. I had to wake her up to give her meds and then she went right to bed.   
Happy Birthday Grandpa Dad!!!  Carla got to help blow out the candles.  


Wait a minute!  Those are trick candles!

After the trick candles were taken away Carla visits with Great Grandma Morgan about how funny that was.  

Grandpa & Anna Belle. 

Sneaking a picture of my brother, Andy :)  
I should have taken more pictures yesterday... but I was busy enjoying the night.

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