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Carla STILL has a runny nose and cough that just doesn't want to go away, but for the most part things are good.  We are working on her eating more, and she has admitted that she just didn't want to eat but knows that she has to.  She said to me this  morning... "I'm sorry I lied.  I just didn't feel like eating."  I told her that her medicine makes her feel that way but it is still important to eat, even if you don't feel like it, because your body needs nutrition.  I'll admit that her weight issue and constant cold have been causing me a little bit of anxiety. 

We will be keeping  busy this summer with PT every Monday, OT every Thursday, as well as a trip to Seattle on the 21st, a trip to Missoula on the 24th and then back to Seattle again on the 29th of July.  We see the Pulmonologist on the 21st, so I am hoping that he has some ideas about what we can do about Carla's constant cough and if we should be doing anything further to help her poor little lungs.  

The 5th was my brother Andy's birthday.  So, our family got together and had a lovely time.  I sure do love my family and feel so extremely blessed to have them.  Sue made a bunch of food, we ate, had cake and ice cream, visited (it was the most beautiful day of the year so far!), and then my Dad played his guitar and we all sang and Carla danced.  I swear I could feel the spirits of my Mom and her sister, my Aunt Georgia, there with us on Wednesday.  When we were kids we spent so much time with family, singing.  My Mom would sit next to Dad and turn the page of the music book for him, and my Mom & Aunts would harmonize.  My Uncle Dan would also play the guitar.  Us kids would have our cousins to play with and childhood was amazing.  It was great and I feel so incredibly blessed to have such awesome memories.  I wish Carla had a bunch of cousins to play with too.   But, I'm glad she can enjoy herself, even though she is the only kid around :)  

Here are some pictures from our adventures...

Carla, being hammy the other day...

I love that smile.

Carla took this picture :)

Carla, blowing bubbles for Kylie.  Kylie was our little heart friend who passed away while waiting for her perfect new heart.  It is so incredibly heart breaking... Kylie's family wanted to honor her on Memorial Day by having everyone blow bubbles for Kylie.  So, we participated.  Our prayers go out to her family every day.

At the doctor's office for her last arm checkup.  Carla's left arm is officially healed up!

Happy Birthday to my brother Andy :)

I love him so very much.  

Carla got some press on nails from Grandma Sue.  She left them on long enough to show Grandpa, and then she took them off. 

Dad & Grandpa visiting, Carla running around.  

My Mom's Dad & My Dad. 

Carla with her Uncle Andy.  She sure does love him.  

Dad playing, Carla dancing. 

Carla, Grandma Sue, & her Great Aunt Diane.  

Aunt Diane, pointing at Carla (Carla ran around pointing at each of us and then we would have to point back...it was cute) .  Also my Grandpa & his girlfriend Annabelle. 

Dad, singing "Dirty old Bugger" to Andy for his birthday.  Dirty old Bugger is a song my Dad made up when we were kids, mostly to embarrass us .  

Grandma Morgan, Dad & Andy.  
 I sure do love these people...

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