Back to Seattle ... Again...

Tomorrow we head back to Sea town for an appointment with Carla's Pulmonologist (lung doctor).  We are hoping that he may have some ideas for Carla's chronic cough.  She got sick at the end of March and has been coughing ever since.  She is finally starting to get better, but it makes us nervous because 1) We are a plastic bronchitis family... you can't unsee what we have seen and it is unnerving; and 2) We want to make sure that her lungs aren't damaged from her history and that if there is something we could do to be helping her out, let's do it.  We don't have to see the transplant team at Seattle this month, but do have to see her cardiologist on Monday in Missoula . So, we will be doing a bit of traveling for the next few days.  We are also planning on seeing Cody on Saturday!  So, that's exciting! Bobby's Mom will be my travel companion this time around and we will also be taking Carla's bestie to her Daddy in Puyallup.  It will be fun for Carla to have a little friend to travel with.   Hoping the trip goes great!  This week we got the oil changed, car registered, washed, gassed and ready to go!  Our plan is to hit the road by 7:00 tomorrow morning, pick up Morgan at 8:00 and make our way down the road from there.  We hope to be in Washington around 6:00 p.m. Pacific time.  We'll see... but that is our hope.  

Things in general are going well.  I don't have really much to report, which is why I haven't been blogging more.  I have procrastinated packing until tonight, so now I have to get to it...  I am normally not a procrastinator, but this traveling all the time is really getting old and I'm sick and tired of packing.  So, I've waited ... and now I have to get to it.  

Carla is actually doing really well and getting stronger all the time.  It is so neat to watch her jumping around and acting more like a "normal" child all the time.  We truly are blessed and forever grateful to our donor family.  

Love, Jen

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