A whirlwind of travel...

We have been traveling since Thursday and are so ready to be home! Thursday we left Cascade at 6:50 in the morning, picked up Morgan (to go see her Dad in Puyallup) and made our way towards Washington. We know how to turn a 10 hour drive into a 13 1/2  hour drive, so didn't arrive in Puyallup to drop off Morgan until 7:45.  After dropping off Morgan and visiting for a couple of minutes, we were off to Tacoma to stay with Bobby's Auntie Punky (Tammy's sister, Punky is a nickname) who recently moved from Cascade.  She has a lovely home and her hospitality was amazing! When we arrived Carla's little cousin Belle was spending the night (with her Grandma) and it was such a treat to watch the girls play together.

Friday we made our way to Seattle for Carla's pulmonary appointment. Her lung doctor thinks her cough is chronic bronchitis and prescribed a 21 day course of antibiotics with the help of vest treatments. Carla's not too pleased about the vest treatments, but it's only 3 weeks, so she should be alright :). Hopefully it will do the trick and she can get all better!

After Carla's appointment we had lunch while we waited for meds. Around 2:00 we were finally able to pick up her antibiotics and make our way to Bev's for a visit. We had a lovely time visiting (not nearly long enough) and then made our way back to Auntie's house for dinner and more visiting. Bobby's cousins Tina and Dusty were there, as well as Belle. We missed cousin Tiffini this time but hope to see her next time.

Saturday morning we got up and made our way to Beaverton, OR for more visiting. We saw my cousin, Kurt, and my Auntie Marlene, which was very nice. Afterwards we made our way over to see Cody and Shelby.  We visited with Shelby's folks for a few and then decided on Red Robin and had some lunch with the kids.  It was nice to see Cody in Oregon ... kind of bitter sweet, but still nice ... Now I have a visual of where he lives. We miss him so much! It was also very nice to see Shelby, and meet her parents.  We can now see part of  why she is such a sweet girl.

Yesterday we were up early again for more traveling.  After 9 hours we made our way to the Ronald McDonald House in Missoula.  Carla had her cardiologist appointment at 1:45 and we were so extremely exhausted.   Dr. Hardy says  Carla's heart function looks great! We will get actual rejection scores in a day or two, but I'm confident everything will go well.

It's 7:45 and we made it home about half an hour ago.  Carla is sleeping...  I am so happy to relax and be done driving.

Here are some pictures from our adventure :)

Love, Jen
Carla and Belle, playing Thursday night. 
Carla and Morgan at a scenic turn out by the Columbia River near George, WA.  

Dr. Belle, listening to Carla's perfect new heart. 

Being creative. 

Playing outside in Auntie's back yard.  Carla was pitching to Dusty.

The kids at Red Robin...  They were all having a hard time looking at the camera at the same time...  I thought this one was sweet, with Shelby looking at Carla that way.  

At the Ronald McDonald House in Missoula.  They have a beautiful facility.  

Getting ready for her EKG today at Dr. Hardy's Office.  

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