The last week of school for Carla ...

This week has been Carla's last week of Kindergarten this year.  Her last day was Friday and then the rest of the Kindergartners are going to practice for graduation and have their ceremony next Thursday.  So, Carla's teacher thought this Friday would be the best last day for Carla.  We decided that since she has missed so much school this year that we would go ahead and repeat Kindergarten next year.  That way she will have a better chance to not only get caught up, but to hit 1st grade running.  Although... Carla tends to do things at her own speed, and I'm not sure running is one of those speeds.  She is what we call a "Car-lolly-gagger"

On Wednesday at school they had a "Play Day" where all the kids participated in different track type competitions throughout the day.  I was a little bit nervous about her competing with the other kids, but she didn't seem to be!  She tried her best and had a good time.  We felt super blessed that she is at a point that she can actually do these things.   Here are some pictures from the Play Day...

Wheel Barrow Race... our friend Darby is helping Carla carry her partner's legs.  

Standing in line for the long jump.

Running... for the jump.

Giving her teacher the thumbs up before she starts the obstacle course. 

Running the course. 

Running the course. 

Running the course. 

Running the course. 

Getting ready for the three legged race.  

With the girls, watching the boys run the 100 meter run.

The girls running the 100 meter run.

The girls running the 100 meter run.

Getting ready to do the ball throw.

After throwing the ball.

Hugging her proud Daddy
Being adorable

Loving on my girl.

Being silly

Carla taking a picture of Bobby and I
Last Friday we went to Helena to see my Dad play in his band.  We had so much fun and I can't even express how blessed that evening made me feel.  Watching my Dad play while my daughter danced, with my husband, step mother, brother and even my Grandpa showed up (after he got done with his gig) with his lovely girlfriend.  We danced, visited, laughed and generally had a wonderful night of family fun.

My Daddy :)

Saying hi to Carla on a break. 

So adorable. 

Dancing and watching hr Grandpa play.  I think I see my Mom in this picture too...

Grandpa & Annabelle, dancing.  

It made my heart soar to see Grandpa so happy.  

Dancing with Carla too...

Snuggling with Grandma Sue ...  Bobby is cute in this one too :)

With a flower in her hair.  
 And here are some other random photos from my phone...
This was last Sunday.  Cody and Shelby are playing tickle fist with Carla :)  

With her beautiful blanket that a sweet soul named Dorothy made and sent to Carla this week.   She saw the GF Tribune article in the paper, found my blog, emailed for our address and sent this beautiful blanket for Carla.  As you can see, Carla loves the blanket.  

Yesterday, Uncle Tom was visiting again.  He's trying to teach Carla golf :)
Carla and I are back to Seattle on Wednesday for another heart checkup.  I think she is doing great heart wise, but she has pretty much had a cold since we got home.  I don't wonder why when I see her filthy hands after school and she has her finger in her mouth.  My, my, my... We will be working harder on keeping the hands out of the mouth this summer.  Also, I'm not sure why but for some reason she hasn't been washing her hands at school!  This is somewhat disturbing to me.   But again, we will be working on it with her and continue to remind her about hand washing and keeping her hands out of her face.

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