And, it's Mother's Day!!!

For the longest time Mother's Day was a day that I would have rather forgotten.  My Mom died when I was 12 and every year when Mother's Day rolled around it was just a reminder that I no longer had mine.  And, my Mom was something special.  I know, I know, most people think they have the best  Mom's (as it should be) but mine REALLY WAS something special.  The kind of person everyone loved.  She made it a point to be happy and she was such a good Mom to us and an amazing person.  She taught me what it means to be a Mom and I could only hope to be as good of a Mother and person as she was.
My Mom & I when I was probably about 6.
On Mother's Day 15 years ago I got the biggest gift of all, when Cody asked me if he could call me Mom.  Bobby and I had just gotten married the day before and up until then Cody called me "My Jenny".  I have been so blessed to have Cody and I don't think I could have hand picked a better son for me.  Becoming a Mother has been one of the biggest honors of my life and I can't thank Cody enough for letting me be his.  
Cody and I when he was about 6. 

And then there's little Miss Carla Tootie.  We thought we were done having babies, but as Cody grew up and needed me less, the urge to Mother just couldn't be stopped.  I wanted so badly to have someone to take care of... and so God gave us Carla.  And take care of her we have done.  She is such a blessing and we thank God every day for our precious little Nukum.  

Carla and I at the ocean last summer.  

Happy Mother's Day! 

I couldn't be more blessed...


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