An Update...

We have been busy living life...  Carla's broken arm was very painful for the first week but now she seems to be getting more used to it, and it seems to be less painful to her.  Have I mentioned lately how she is the strongest person I've ever met?  

So, going back...  Last Monday night in Seattle Carla fell of the bed and hurt her arm.  We thought she had just twisted it and were keeping ice on it.  Tuesday we drove home from Seattle, Wednesday went to the pediatrician and found out Carla's arm was actually broken, got it casted and came home.  Thursday night there was a circus here in Cascade, it was really small, but Carla was super excited about it so Bobby's Mom & I took her.  Friday she went to school but was a huge crab!  Saturday & Sunday she had some kind of stomach thing going on and was pretty miserable (and again, crabby).  I kept her home on Monday, just in case, and she seemed to be feeling better (although, she was still waking every night crying about her arm).  Tuesday she went to school and GUESS WHAT - today is the 4th day in a row that she has been able to attend school!  First time since we have been home that she could actually attend almost a full week of school!  I know, it sounds bad, and believe me it has been rough.  Seriously, she had 10 doctor appointments in the month of April.  TEN (and one of those was in Missoula and another in Seattle)!  Also, her coughing seems to be getting a little better, and what she hacked up this morning was yellow, instead of green, so I think we are making progress.  She is on her second dose of an antibiotic this month and tomorrow is the last day.  Here's to hoping she is better.  Poor baby.  

Tonight we have been invited to be the guests of honor at a Make A Wish event in Great Falls.  Bobby unfortunately has to work, but I'm going to take Carla and her Grandparents Wright.  She is very excited about the whole thing and I am looking forward to it.  Tomorrow Bobby has a gig in Bozeman, so my folks are going to keep Carla over night in Helena and I am going to go to Bozeman with Bobby, have some dinner with Cody and Shelby, hopefully check out his apartment, and then go see Bobby's band play.  Thomas also lives in Bozeman, so I hope to see him at the gig.  It should be a fun weekend and I am looking forward to it.  

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks :)

I had forgot to post this.  Carla was on the front page of the newspaper the other week.  

The continuation of her story...
Us girls the other week...

At the circus last Thursday...

Carla in her clown nose :)

At the end they could take pictures with Spongebob.  

The other morning, she had actually slept through the night...  

A windy day in Cascade.  Carla wanted to check out her kites!  

Flying her kite, like a pro!  

Sunday my folks dropped by for a visit :)  

Tuesday at Occupational Therapy.

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