A quick trip to Seattle

We made a quick trip to Seattle yesterday for Carla's cardio checkup!  It made for a really long day, but if we would have driven, it would have been a really long three days!  So, I think this worked out alright.  After arriving at Sea-Tac with my Mom bag (large purse full of everything a girl could need, inc. Ipad, dsi, band aids, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, kleenex, masks, transplant meds, syringes, wallet, nail polish, nail clippers a pen and many other random stuff), Carla's bag of snacks, and car seat, I did find it a bit challenging to not only carry everything I had, but also to keep Carla close enough to me that she wouldn't get lost or stolen.  The first thing we did was head to the bathroom.  Then we headed off to find our rental car.  This meant going down the escalator.  Which, we have done before, but it's always a little challenging to get Carla to step on.  This time was  no exception, except, I had my arms loaded up so couldn't hold her hand or body.  So I stood next to her and we were going to step on at the same time.  I put one foot on, she refused, I was started to do the splits, so had to step on or fall down the stairs.  So, now, I was trying to coax her on, while doing the stair master climb, up the escalator, with my arms full.  Thankfully, a Good Samaritan took pity on us, helped Carla on the escalator and lead us to the bus shuttle that took us to the rental car building (where they actually have little carts you can put your stuff in!).  We rented the car and headed over to Beverly's house for a visit.  We stayed for a couple of hours and then were on our way to Seattle Children's hospital.  Carla's echo was at 12:30 with her cardiologist appointment that followed.  We were out of there by 4:00.  We then headed back to Renton for a quick bite to eat and then were off to fill the gas tank, return the car, make it through security and to our gate to wait for our flight.  Bev let me borrow her carry on bag (DON'T KNOW WHY I DIDN'T THINK OF TAKING MINE) and that made life about a million times easier, although, still not simple.  All the way through though, people were helpful to us, and for that I am so grateful!  

After finding our place to wait at the gate Carla played her ipad a little bit, I gave her her medicine and then we boarded.  There was a nice man who helped her get down the stairs and when we finally got home she was fast asleep and wouldn't wake up.  I loaded everything we had into the carry on bag, grabbed her with one arm, the bag with the other and then when we went to pick up the car seat the nice man carried it for me.  When we got to all the stairs we had to climb to get to the airport, the nice man then took my carry on bag too, so I only had to haul Carla up the stairs!  Bobby was there to meet us and took Carla :)  I am so thankful to the incredibly thoughtful and helpful people we ran across during our adventure to and from Seattle yesterday!  

Carla's echo looked good and we wont be making any changes.  We don't have to see the heart doctors again until July, but we do have an appointment in June to see the Pulmonologist at Childrens.  I also set up a time in August to see the pediatric Pulmonologist from Seattle who comes to Great Falls a few times a year, so hopefully we can transition to that.  Here are some pictures from the day! :)

Love, Jen

Coloring while we waited to get called back to echo
Being cute :)
She got some My Little Pony stickers!
Her favorite, and quite a score! 

Everyone kept on remarking how Carla looks like a different child.  Yes she does!  Part of it is that she isn't all puffed up from heart failure and later Prednisone, but the other part is that she has been so much more active with her new heart and yet she doesn't want to eat.  We think this is a med issue... but that clearly isn't going to go away.  So, now we need to try to get her to ingest more calories.  This is difficult, but we will do our best to get Carla to eat more! 

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