Carla turns 6!!!

Tuesday was Carla's 6th Birthday!  We had Bobby's & my folks over for dinner, presents, cake and ice cream.  It was so fun for all of us to be together :)  Here are some pictures...

Carla and Grandma Sue, checking out the cake and being snugly   


She wanted a My Little Pony cake... I found this one at Smiths and added the ponies :)

Time for presents!  You have no idea how excited she was about the Happy Birthday decoration... we will be leaving it up for a month :)


Reading the card from Ted & Nancy

Ted & Nancy got Carla this really cool doll house.  

Princess Minnie, from Grandma & Papa Wright.

A tea party set!

A box of presents from Jeff & Jess.

Reading the Card from Jeff & Jess.

Flip flops from  her Uncle Bill & Aunt Tristan.

Thanks Auntie Jess & Uncle Jeff!

Checking out her cool bubble gun from Tristan's folks

Checking out her cool shirt from Tristan's Grandparents.

Enjoying herself too much!

Fun, fun, fun!


It's princess Bubble Pop!

Trying on her new jacket from Bill & Tristan

Checking out her new doll house.

Everyone was pretty much enamored by this doll house. ...

My Dad, cleaning up :)

Time for cake!!

Getting sung to :)

Blowing out her candle :)

Snuggling up her Grandparents Morgan before they had to go...

So sweet :)

Snuggling up her Grandma & Papa before they had to go...

We are so blessed...
Wednesday we had to drive to Great Falls at 7:00 a.m. to do Carla's blood draw (I got the call today that all her levels were perfect!  So no changes!)  Then, we came home, got ready and had to make the almost 3 hour drive to Missoula for Carla's cardiologist appointment.  Carla has been fighting a cold since last Wednesday and so when the doctor listened to her lungs and thought they sounded a little junky we asked about whether an x-ray would be beneficial.  (Call me paranoid but after she ran around with a chylothorax for over a year I'm a fan of making sure her lungs are ok).  Her x-ray looked a little suspicious  and since she is on immune system suppression meds, Dr. Hardy called Seattle Children's and they decided to put her on an antibiotic.  She still has a cough, but we are trying to to ward off any infections, and that's good.  Carla's echo looked great and Dr. Hardy was impressed with Carla's new heart.  He said "She got a really good heart!"  sometimes the donor heart isn't as good, because of time out of the body, etc.  But Carla's looks great and we are so pleased and blessed that that is the case.  And to think... this perfect and strong heart could have been buried when her donor died.  Thank you so much to our donor family for letting their child's heart live on in our child.

We made it home Wednesday night around 9:30 p.m.  What a long and exhausting day!

Yesterday was the first day that we actually had a chance to work on our house!  And, I got Carla's room all finished up!  I'm so pleased with myself :)

View No. 1 - I went through all those little toys in the bins and organized them into categories.   

View No. 2 (that little rocking chair used to be Cody's)

Carla's little people city area... and dollies.  The top drawer is full of little princesses and accessories.  

And, an organized closet.  Can you believe almost 100% of those stuffed animals came from Seattle.  She's got 2 bins in our garage full of pre-transplant stuffed animals.  
Today I have gotten Bobby & my bedroom done as well as the living room pictures moved (because I rearranged that living room on Sunday after Easter dinner.)
Yay!  No more boxes!  
The centered pictures & clock... 
Our living room... this is the first arrangement that has actually used our whole living room.  The room is oddly shaped and I think this arrangement helps us use the whole space.  

The other view, Carla is playing the Wii and eating Jo Jos (her favorite).  

Bobby is still in the middle of tackling his new music room (Cody's old bedroom... Sorry son, that's what you get for growing up and moving out).   He had to work a double today and will also be working a double tomorrow ... So, maybe Sunday he will get a chance to work on his "Jam Cave" ;)  

I think I will tackle the office tomorrow as well as try to continue to widdle down the laundry pile.  After that it is a matter of maintaining and some minor organizing.  It is really starting to feel like home again around here and it is so nice. Now, if we could get Carla's cold to clear up life would be right where we need it to be.  I am a little nervous about her cough... she is on an antibiotic now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will do it's job and she will get all better soon.  I want to start her with school again on Monday if she is up for it.  But, I have mixed feelings about school because of her immune system being so suppressed at this point, and because she has already missed so much of Kindergarten.  I am thinking she will probably have to repeat Kindergarten in the fall, so I'm not sure if it would be better just to keep her home and start her in the fall or if it would be better to start her right away and not let her miss another opportunity to continue to learn.  I guess my reservations come with the fact that the other kids will be going through "Kindergarten Graduation" in May and if she can't move on to first grade she will be feeling like she is missing out on something.  I want her to feel successful and have a good self esteem.  I don't want her to feel like a failure right away... I'm so conflicted.  She's so smart!  But yet, she is behind in a lot of ways. Physically, she is the size of a four year old.  And, her motor skills are behind as well climbing or going down stairs is difficult.  Getting into a vehicle or putting on her shoes, also difficult.  And, her penmanship needs quite  a lot of work.  She never had the chance to attend Preschool, so what she learned at the Hutch School was probably more like what a kid learns in Preschool, instead of what they learn in Kindergarten.  But, she is so excited about school, and so excited about learning and meeting other kids.    We are going to have to do some soul searching this weekend and come up with a solution .  She is so very resilient  that I'm sure whatever we choose, she will be good.  It's just a hard place to be in as a parent, and it's a difficult decision.

Thanks for listening :)

Love, Jen


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Is there a preschool program she could be part of for the remaining part of the year and then move on to kindergarten with those peers in the fall???

Angee and Thom said...
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Angee and Thom said...

wow you have been very productive! good news, bad news and a birthday. Happy Birthday Carla!

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