A little bit of everything

Our trip to Seattle yesterday had a little bit of everything ... We started out with a light snow and wet roads, progressed to snowy treacherous roads, wet roads, dry roads, light rain, hail, heavy rain, a clear sky, a serious dust storm, drove past a car engulfed in flames, sunshine, heavy rains and a clear sky again. Kind of like life, our journey yesterday was all encompassing of the changes of life. Sometimes it snows so hard that you're not sure if you're going to make it, just to find that the sky clears and life is good again. Shortly after you are again weathering storms and putting out fires. Carla's heart checkup was good today, and then we found out a friend in her mid thirties got the news that she will be losing her fight to cancer. She has three kids and a husband. How can life be so cruel and so beautiful all at once... When we talked about praying for a miracle for our friend, Carla heard the word miracle and said, "Me?" Yes daughter, you are our miracle, time and time again. But, let's remember that each and every one of us' life is a miracle, every day. Let's treat it as such...

Love, Jen

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