A Check-up at Children's

We just had our 5 month post transplant checkup at Seattle Children's Hospital!  And guess what?!!!?  Carla's BNP (heart density that has been consistently high) was 91, which is within the NORMAL range.  Her heart function was GREAT.  Her kidney labs look GREAT and she has NO signs of rejection!!!  Can we get a whoot whoot!!!!

I was a little nervous because last night when we took her for her labs (after the 12 hour drive to Seattle) we realized that she had a fever.  Of course I didn't bring a thermometer or Tylenol from Montana, SO we went and bought a new thermometer and some Tylenol.  Her fever went away and she slept well through the  night.  But, when we got to the hospital for her 7:30 a.m. echo she was again not feeling great.  I asked the nurse to take her temperature and she was at 102.6!  They did a nose virus swab (which REALLY made Carla angry) and now we will wait and see what that turns up with.  The doctor said though that she is moving really good air through her lungs.  So, this may just be a virus.  We will have to stay in Seattle tonight and maybe tomorrow to monitor how she is doing and if she gets any better or worse.  So, we are just laying low, watching a little Sprout and snuggling today.  Here's to feeling better!

Love, Jen

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